Monday, November 10, 2008


Yesterday, we met our youngest for dinner & got some news from her - I'll share that at a later time...but we got to enjoy Texas Roadhouse. After a long morning of church & fellowship & just enjoying the day - by the time we got to the restaurant - I was starving! Like so hungry that my stomach was growling through my brain! We get there & there is a 35 -40 minute wait. That's only more torture as we stand there & smell all the yummy rolls & food going by to people who are already seated & enjoying their meals.

It just all made so much sense because I just came from listening to Joe teach our youth about being hungry for God. It was probably one of the best messages I've ever heard (Awesome job buddy!) on how we need to crave & be so spiritually hungry for the Lord & His word.

He made the point where we say we're "Starving" sometimes - just like I said I was earlier. But have we ever REALLY starved? Ever been so hungry where we could pass out - that our bodies couldn't function because we're not receiving the nutrition it needs? Odds are - no! And especially in a country where just like me - had a nice breakfast at 8:00 am & needed to eat again so badly at 2:00 - & could easily do it! And then be so stuffed in 30 minutes after sitting down that you're miserable! How many people are truly STARVING in this world & get one small plate of something to eat to last them all day? Oh - how blessed we are!

But do we have that same hunger for God? Do we crave what He has to say? Do we fill up on His word? Do we do whatever it takes to have our spirits filled with His nutrition? I tell you what - after hearing the message yesterday - I'll never look at hunger the same way again!

John 6:35 "Jesus replied, "I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never be hungry again..."

John 4:31-34 "Meanwhile the disciples were urging Jesus, "Rabbi, eat something"

But Jesus replied, "I have a kind of food you know nothing about"

Then Jesus explained "My nourishment comes from doing the will of God, who sent me & from finishing his work."


  1. My quiet time was about this yesterday!

  2. Thanks Rebecca. :)

    Good srcipture there too, about Jesus having the kind of food the disciples didn't know about.

    All good stuff!

  3. This is my prayer. That I will be hungry for the things of God and I also pray this for our 16 yr old.

    Thank you this is a GREAT post!!!!!

    Have a Blessed day,

    PS We made it to Mayo yesterday and will be heading out to pre-op appts. I'll try to post later about what time surgery is tomorrow. Thank you so much for your prayers!!!

  4. I love your new look, Rebecca. Sorry I'm a little behind. :) Lots happening in your life!! God is Good!

  5. Very thought the scriptures you added.

  6. Love the new blog look!!! I love this post, too. May we all be "hungry" for the things of God! He has so much to feed us!

  7. Ok, I just ate like a complete pig! I too have said I'm starving in relation to my stomach. In all reality I think we often feel this same feeling for God but don't think of him first in times of trouble. I LOVE this post and thank you so much for sharing what your lesson of the day was.

  8. the blog is looking great!!!
    and the scriptures are beautiful.


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