Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So today is Veteran's Day. WOW - what a way to remember all the people who have sacrificed their lives for our country or have served our country or are STILL serving our country. I've been looking at pictures & videos of battles, & people in military uniform & names on walls of people who lost their lives for something they so whole heartedly believed in. These men & women put aside everything to dedicate themselves to a belief that our country is worth is - & it is a noble & worthy cause.

But especially when I saw the pictures of the Vietnam Veternas Memorial with all the names - it made me think.....how many of us are dedicated to our Lord & Savior like that? How many of us are willing to dedicate ourselves completely to a cause that is above any other cause? How many of us risk anything & everything to further God's Kingdom here on earth? How many of us are willing to die to ourselves for Him?

Today - I am thankful for Veterans of all kinds. Thankful for the military & anyone who serves to keep America the most wonderful place to live. And I'm thankful for the Spiritual Veterans - people who have sacrificed to keep the Word of God moving & alive!

May God Bless America!


  1. I love the term "spiritual veterans!"

  2. Amen Rebecca Jo! Great tribute. Thanks for visiting me today I'm glad I got to visit your blog, it's dang cute!

    And yes, that's my dad! He HAS to work out twice a day and I grew up with all my girlfriends drooling over him! I only wish I could be as fit as him!

  3. Amen...spiritual veterns...love it!!

  4. I'll give that another amen! Great post!

  5. Thank you for the reminder.
    And thank you to all the Veterans.

  6. What a beautiful post and tribute not only to our fallen soldiers but to our Heavenly Father as well. I know for a fact many of the men and women who have fallen for our country also did it because they believed they would be going to be with God.


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