Friday, November 07, 2008


The assignment from Mama's this week was to list 10 of your "Pet Peeves"......I thought - Oh, I dont have that many pet peeves & then I thought about it & realized - DANG, I've got alot of things that "Peeve" here are 10 of them.

1. Drawers left open.....It drives me insane because my wonderful hubby, I swear, he's allergic to shutting drawers - & that goes for cabinets too. Anyone see that scene in Sixth Sense where the mom turns around & all the cabinets are open? Yeah - that's my house every day!!!

2. Having to pee.....that alone isnt the pet peeve part - its the worst possible timing of it. When I just get comfy in bed & all the dogs are in their assigned places - or when you just get on the road for a trip - or when you get in the middle seat down a long row in a play or a movie theater....hate that!

3. The rich getting drives me insane that movie stars or millionaires get free stuff. They get an award for ACTING - & get millions for it & even more free things, but yet teachers & nurses get no recognition & no rewards....not fair!

4. Trees cut down.....I get so sad when I see tree chopped down for more homes or buildings. Where I live, deer are freaking out & are everywhere because there is no where for them to go. I literally saw a dead deer in a gas station this morning - they are running out of land of their own. It breaks my heart. Our neighbor cut down trees on our property (he thought it was his property) & I just cried my eyes out....

5. Not recycling....that last one leads me to this - when people dont care to recycle at all!!! You dont have to be Mr. or Miss Green....but do something!!!! Even if its recycling your paper - or turning down your heat - anything!!! If everyone would do SOMETHING....

6. Know it all's......It bothers me so bad when you tell someone something & they always have done it - & done it BETTER or they had that happen to them - but their experience was WORSE! Drives me nuts!
7. People who look down on drives me nuts when people think they're better than someone else. Or if they see someone who may have messed up & they think they could never do that & they're so much better....the attitude of "that sin is so much worse than any sin I would never do" just aint right!

8. In a rush.....whenever you are in a rush - doesn't it seem like EVERYTHING slows down? Gotta get to work - yep, there will be traffic. Need to print a report - the printer is out of ink. Need to check something on the Internet real quick - its down.....any time you are in a rush - things just never go as planned. I guess its a great reason to slow down!

9. Cruelty to can someone hurt an animal? Seriously - how do you look at a puppy or kitten & not fall in love with it?

10. My final peeve for the day....Ricky....JOKING! flies so fast! It bothers me that the older I get - the faster the time goes. Wasn't Thanksgiving & Christmas just like a month ago? What the heck - its here again! My grandma always told me that the older I'd get, this would happen - I was only 7-8 years old when she started telling me that & I never believed her....Oh Teenie - I believe you now!

What are some of your pet peeves? Anything make you want to pull your hair out?


  1. Number 6 is on the top of my list as well.

    I also hate when people speed and swerve like where ever they are going is so much more important than where you're going.

  2. We share many similar peeves. Esp. the drawer thing! Made me laugh as I am soooo glad I'm not the only one that this makes nutty. Same with the pee thing. My issue is that I'm potty training my daughter and w/o fail each time I set her on the toilet I suddenly have to go too and NOW. AACK!

  3. Oh, these were too funny!

    One of my pet peeves is when people shut a door, but they don't turn the handle, so it's really loud. I grew up in a home where we had to be quiet a lot, so I've always seen this as a courtesy. Same goes for slamming cabinet doors and such.

    People biting their nails in public is another one...gross to see.

    Oh, the list could go on and on...


  4. When Jeff leaves his trash on the counter instead of in the trash. Just turn around and open the closet and throw it away already!

  5. OHHHH Chandra - that reminded me....#11 - when Ricky puts EMPTY cartons or boxes back in the frig or cabinet......I'll go get crackers & the box will be empty! How do I know to buy new ones when I still see the box in the cabinet....forgot about that one!

  6. i hate cruelty to animals too!
    great list.


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