Thursday, November 13, 2008


Running through some knitting books on sale - there was a cover that stood out to me & I was like "SERIOUSLY? This is a book? That is in popular demand?" - so I have to share my "seriously" knitting moment with you......The book? Knitted Toilet Paper Covers!!!! Because everyone needs a Piggie to cover up your TP!

Or how about a Jester's Hat? Because it's always fun to make your bathroom decorated in a Renaissance sort of era....

Now I will say - this one isn't horrible if you are a fan of TP covers - but it cracked me up to think someone took alot of time to take TP outside in lighting & a nature setting for the perfect picture....

But this one - SERIOUSLY? This dude scared me!!!! If I walked in someones bathroom & saw him sitting there looking at me in all his furry smiles....I'd run out screaming! ........ I may knit him just for the fun of it!!!


  1. Oh my... my "knitting senses" have now been cruely and unjustly harmed!!!! Will I ever recover from this?!!!! What kind of mind would take perfectly good yarn and mar the possibilities this way?! Oh the pain... the pain... I'm melting... melting!!!!!!!

  2. I didn't know such things existed! TP covers? Why? And who? I agree....seriously?

  3. Oh! My mother-in-law would love these!!!!!! She has a Santa toilet cover that she puts on her potty for Christmas (ugh)...maybe I need to see about getting her a Rudolph TP cover to coordinate with it...maybe even with a blinking nose.
    Oh, my wheels are turning! ;)
    This is a HOOT!!

  4. Those are truly odd!

    I've always wanted to learn to knit. I tried to get some friends to take a class with me, but no one was interested.

    Can you recommend any book or something that might get me started?

  5. My, my! I don't believe I've ever seen anything quite like those before. Very interesting!

  6. LOL--those are hilarious! I think I need the jester's hat in my bathroom ASAP! And that furry monster thing is so wrong it's right!

  7. hahaha! Too funny!

    That is so cool you are bringing the girls to see Twilight! You are so nice!

  8. HAHAHA That toilet paper cover is pretty darn funny! Love the layout by the way...

  9. So I would have to put the cover back on? Ugh.

  10. Oh, nevermind, I guess that's for the extra roll. Ha ha! I'm such a ...

  11. THIS is the reason why people look at me funny when I knit (other than the fact that my normal self looks strange). They picture stuff like this being knit by the likes of people like us!!!

    Goodness gracious!

    To each his own, I guess.


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