Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Cleaning up the dirt...

We have 3 bathrooms in our home.  One is the bathroom in the hallway that everyone uses. The second bathroom is in the master bedroom.  The third bathroom is down in the basement connected to Ricky's xbox den, as I like to call it..

I dont go near bathroom #3 - that is all Ricky, even though I did glance in the other day & notice that you pretty much cant even see the floor due to clothes thrown everywhere on the floor.  (And he wonders why he cant find any t-shirts?)

Bathroom #2 is the one that we pretty much live in.  Its connected to the bedroom so easy to just roll in when your eyes arent open early in the morning.  Its where we take our showers so towels are drapped over the shower doors.  Its where we brush our teeth & wash our face - so there's usually tooth paste tubes or wash clothes on the counter.  Its where the dog's water bowl is at so there's usually splashes of water on the floor.  Its where we brush our hair - & have you seen the two of us?  There is a LOT of hair that will hit the floor or on the sink.  Its a USED bathroom...

Bathroom #1 is the one where Ricky will use when I'm hogging the mirror in the 2nd bathroom, but its the one that guests use when they come over. 

Needless to say - I am fanatic about keeping bathroom #1 clean.  Even if no one goes in there during the day - I have to go in & clean it.  Wash down the sink - wipe up the floor - fluff a towel - make sure there is soap & toilet paper ready.  I usually even have a candle lit up in there to make the atmosphere oh-so-homey. 

On the floor the other day, I was kneeling to scrub the floor & something hit me as plain as day... it was like God just laid something truly on my heart & said to me, "Why do you put all this work for everyone else, but you dont expect the same for yourself?" ... afterall, I do clean my bathroom - I'm not living in a bathroom where its never picked up or cleaned... gross... but I dont do the extreme cleaning in my bathroom as I do the main bathroom.  I'll "straighten" up daily & really clean it once a week... but it doesnt get the attention as Bathroom #1.

Do you do that as well? I mean, we all love when people come to Christ & have their lives cleaned up - but we're used to our own stuff we live in - dont really think much of it - its normal - its OUR mess - we can live in it.  But God doesnt want us to.  He wants us ALL to have clean, fresh, NEW places in our lives... Jesus died so we ALL can have the same cleansing. 

I will say - this week, I have gone through my bathroom everynight & gave it the same attention as the other bathroom & it has been so nice to walk in it every morning - its a great way to start a morning...

Do you feel like that sometimes?  That others deserve the good stuff?  The clean lives? 
Well Jesus wants you to know that He thinks YOU deserve the best as well!!!!

Now... if I can only get Ricky to understand this thought & tackle Bathroom #3...

"Create in me a clean heart, O God..." - Psalm 51:10


  1. Now I'm singing that hymn that goes along with this of my favorites.

    I am the same way with my bathrooms; that's why I love having company...the whole house gets cleaned much more than when it's just us at home.

    Great parallel, Rebecca, as always.

  2. Who knew that the bathroom could be used as such a great lesson tool, haha!! :)

  3. I am the exact same way. I keep the guest bathroom clean but when it comes to my own I totally slack off!

  4. I would kill for just one of your bathrooms. We only have one. Not fun.

  5. I LOVE how you take these everyday experiences and make them into God experiences! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Rebecca,
    What a good reminder friend, and all while scrubbing a bathroom floor. Don't you just love it when God shows up in places like that? Me too!!

    I also LOVE that verse. I've been praying that one lately for a certain boy that I love SO much =)and for me.....that verse goes on to say "renew a steadfast Spirit within me". Such a good verse!!

    Have a Blessed day ~~~ Love ya girl ~~ Dawn

  7. I wish you good luck with Ricky on that one. Come to think if it, if I don't venture into VC's bathroom every now and then it would probably be overrun with clothes, too...

    Luckily the boys take care of the mancave bathroom. I've never ventured in there to use it.

    I do like my bathroom nice and tidy and sparkly :-) although I'm not finding much time to clean lately...


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