Friday, July 02, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Twilight Frag.... Oh yes baby... tonight is the night.  I'm on countdown.  In a few hours, I will be in a theater staring at the story come to life of my favorite book, ECLIPSE!!!!  It was always my favorite book before the movies even were made... but now, to see it in actual motion... I'm beyond excited.  Yes, I'm sure I'll be swooming & screaming along with the 11 & 12 yr old girls during the tent scene...

Hate Bella Frag... I re-read Eclipse last weekend to get geared up for the movie.  When I originally read the book, there was no movie, so it was all about imagination on what these characters looked like & acted like to me.  And now, when I read it again, all I could think about was Kristen, Robert & Taylor... For 2 out of the 3, its a good thing.  But I cant STAND Kristen Stewart in interviews.  The girl gets paid MILLIONS of dollars to act.  Cant she just ACT like someone who knows how to speak normally & without weird facial movements like every question is stupid?  ... I'm telling you ... I cringe for the girl when I see she's going to be interviewed...

Little Break Frag .... the past 2 days have been Heaven around here.  Like you could actually breath outside - your hair doesnt frizz - you dont immediately have sweat coming down your back.  It was wonderful... the heat is back though... Thank God for even little breaks...

GIVEAWAY FRAG - Be sure to go to my Book Blog for the chance to win a book by Lisa Whelchel - yes, Blair from Facts of Life!  She's an amazing speaker if you've never seen her & her writing is just as good.  I seriously zoomed through this book - its just an easy read, but full of punch.  I've got 5 books - so good chances of snagging one up yourself!

Reunion Frag - my (cough)... um... 20 (cough) year reunion is coming up.  It was actually 20 years with this past graduation season - Class of 1990 baby!  We got notice today of our reunion & its going to be in October.  We were told the cost too - $75.00 per person... me & Ricky were talking about it & I said, I bet there's a lot of peole who cant afford $150.00 for a reunion.  But they are setting up a fund for those who cant afford it.... but who really wants to go to a reunion & say, "I need help with the funding" - isnt the whole point of a reunion to try & show everyone how well you're doing since graduation?  mmmm.....

SYTYCD Frag ... Did you all get the chance to see Alex, the BALLET dancer so a HIP HOP Routine?  That instantly ranked up in my top dances for the show.  I even had Ricky watch it & he was impressed & watched it a few times.     

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday - ready to gear up for a long weekend!


  1. Julie and I will be heading to see Eclipse sometime--hopefully when the hoopla calms down a bit, and we can get a seat in the theatre! : )

    And as someone who is planning their 20th high school reunion (WHOOO! Class of 90!), we have set the price to be $25 per person ($40 per couple) and my class is throwing a fit on the cost! Can I share with them what your reunion is costing? I agree...reunions are about coming together and enjoying friendship and fellowship--not about food and dancing and making sure people are entertained.

  2. Rebecca Jo,
    Yeah, I'm gonna see Eclipse, but I want to wait for the screaming to die down a bit. I have to hear what is being said in the movie.
    As for your reunion, I never regretted going to my 20th. I know that lots of people do go to see how well everyone has done, but I went because there were some people that I really wanted to see. And surprisingly enough, even the ones who were well to do in school and snobbish, kinda lost that attitude. That being said, I wish you and your family a fabulous 4th of July weekend.

  3. I picked up Twilight (the book) just to see what the hype is about in my SS class. Not sure I'll get that into it :)

    Happy Friday! Enjoy the movie!

  4. Oh my goodness, look how long and light your hair was!!

    LOVE Lisa, heard her speak at WOF and she's awesome!!!!!

    And I have my 10 year reunion coming up in 2012 if that makes you feel any better, haha!!!! :)

  5. My best friend and I were at the movies at midnight Wednesday morning. The movie is good, but the book was better. The tent scene...whew. LOL

    Hope you have a great time!

  6. I am SO glad you posted that video of Alex and Twitch. It was, hands down, the best Hip Hop routine I've ever seen on SYTYCD!

  7. Oh yay...a book blog! Off to check that out right now...

    Have a great weekend!

  8. I'm so not into Twilight stuff, but you enjoy it! =)

    Rob P & Kristin S bug me to PIECES! I HATE watching both of them. They make my skin crawl. LOL

    I'll check out the giveaway. I thought I recognized her but I wasn't sure why. Thanks for telling me why so it didn't continue to bug me. haha!

    LOVE the picture! Heehee

    I DVR'd SYTYCD but I haven't watched it yet.

    Have a fantabulous 4th weekend!

  9. Can;t wait to check out your book blog! Have a great holiday weekend.

  10. Totally not into the Twilight thing, but my daughter would be happy to talk your ear off about it. Enjoy the movie. I'm planning to see Toy Story 3, myself.

  11. I think I am the only person alive who hasn't gotten involved in the Twilight saga :) I hope you enjoy it and it is as good as the book!

  12. Holy cow! And I thought Mr.4444's$25 per person was crazy! That's incredible. What do you get for that?

    I always like Lisa Welchell. Will check out your book blog.

    Honestly, I think there is something really strange about Kristin Stewart. Maybe she's got a big secret or something--she seems so fake to me. Kendall loved the movie!! I hope you did, too.

  13. I'd love to win one of those books. I have a book review blog too, so check it out sometime!

    I graduated in 1985 & have never been to a reunion. I didn't like most of those people 25 years ago, so I can't see spending a lot of money on seeing them now!

    Our weather was nice & cool too, but now it's HOT.

    Enjoy your holiday weekend

  14. look at you in that pic - lovely...

    and yep, I agree, who's gonna say they need money for the reunion. I'm also set to do the Lisa Kudrow thing and say I invented post-its when/if I go to my 25th :D -- which BTW sounds like it is going to be a bar (srsly) since according to the class VP (who is organizing it) many people have hit on hard times...


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