Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Deep Breath

Breathing... its important... we need it to live...

But how often do we think about it?  Its just natural, isnt it...

Well, start running & you'll see right away how quickly you'll pay attention to your breath.  You feel the need for it even more - its harder to take in the air - you are amazingly aware of every ounce of air going into your lungs.

I've learned that running, you are supposed to take breaths that make your stomach rise & fall, not your chest.  It has something to do with letting more oxygen into the lungs - & while running, every bit of oxygen is a good thing. 

Seems simple enough - right?

Try it...

Once you start huffing & puffing, you naturally try to breath fast & your chest rises & falls, not your stomach... you forget all about the "let the stomach move" idea... you are just thinking "WHERE'S THE STUPID OXYGEN MASK" ....

You have to literally stop, think about it, almost sink your chest down when you breath & once again let your stomach do the work... & then 5 minutes later, you find yourself starting over... & then 5 minutes later, you have to remind yourself agian...

I've heard that eventually your body will naturally do what its trained to do... I've not yet made it to that point.  Still gasping my way to that goal...

How much is this like our lives when we want to be in control of it - not let God be the one in charge?  We take over, take the reigns - boost out our own chests... & soon, we're gasping because we screwed things up again...

And we remember & start over... & then God takes over & we sink into Him... it's more comfortable, its what makes things better...

Until we take over again & we're gasping for air... again....

One day, I hope I naturally train myself to depend on God & not myself... That's a worthy training goal!!!


  1. great post friend.... breathe in... breathe out....

  2. Rebecca Jo... you always have the most lovely and thought provoking analogies!

  3. Great post. (My sister is a runner, I wonder if she knows to breathe at her stomach... will have to mention it to her sometime)

  4. Yep I want to be naturally trained as well to depend on God and not my crazy, fallen self.

    Love you friend!!

    Have a Blessed day,

  5. Once again, awesome post my friend, and so so true!!! Love you!

  6. Rebecca, what perfect timing. How did you now that I am gasping?

    Hugs & love,

  7. I LOVE your lessons on life, love and faith! :)

  8. Did you write this post for me or what? <3

    Thank you so much for your recent words of love and support. They meant so much to me.

  9. Breathe in and Breathe out great messages.

  10. Breathing in. Breathing out! Amazing how when we do it right, we also look better, fit into our clothes better (i.e. our own skin so to speak)!

    I heard on the news this morning that 6 deep breathes can changed your day! I think they read your post and winged it!


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