Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Formally Introduce...

I had posted a new photo of Buffy the other day & it had her name written on it...

Not just her first name - but her first & middle name...

My dad sent me a message right away & said, "I didnt know Buffy had a middle name"...

Well dad, let me introduce you to your grand-dogs because they ALL have middle names...

(Am I the only person who "formally" gives names)

Anyways - let me Formally Introduce you to my fur-babies...

Buffy Sue... we wanted to name her after a Super-hero... So we went with Buffy from Buffy the Vampire Slayer...Buffy's middle name in the show was Buffy Ann & we didnt like it, so I just called her Buffy Sue & it stuck...

Bruno Dean.... Dean is Ricky's middle name & I told him that since this is the "boy" of the family, he deserves a name sake....

Sydney Louise... Louise is my mom & Ricky's mom middle name... so a family name passed down

Zoe Christeen ... this is a horrible picture of her, but she doesnt sit still long enough to take a picture - she's nervous & jittery all the time...& being so tiny & fragile, it was a perfect fit - my grandmother's name was Christeen & she was to tiny & fragile herself...

And yes, they KNOW when they get called middle names - they're in trouble...


  1. Awwww....they're all so cute!! I wish we could have a dog, but we are just gone from the house too many hours a day. So we have a cat. For the record, a cat isn't the same as a dog. *sigh* :)

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who gives pets middle names!!! :)

  3. I love that you give your doggoes middle names!! My mom always gave our dogs middle names and I can remember my friends making fun of them!! They are all such sweeties!!

  4. Ahhh.....sweet babies!!! I love their names and all the significance. So sweet!!

    You are the best!!

    Love you friend ~~ hope you are feeling better,

  5. I LOVE IT!

    Isabel sometimes calls our pup "Ellie Marie", but I usually call her "Ellie Bellie".

    Love that they know they're in trouble when you use their full name, just like my kids :)

  6. Aw love the pics! For some reason I didnt realize you had so many dogs :-) they're all so cute though!

  7. My brother had a little cockapoo once that he named Gizmo Bodeen Bullwinkle Wallace. I kid you not. And that little dog lived up to her ginormous name!

  8. my lil doggie has a middle name too, and it is morgan marie, named after her sister, (my daughter) lol which she hates, cuz she is not her "real" sister!! i would always name my girls doggies with marie as their middle names cuz it would just "flow" right out, and she would get mad. oh well, we are here to torment and torture! rotf tears in me eyes, she gets me back tenfold!! we have a really good relationship, and she does love her 4-legged lil sissy. morgan is a chocolate mini dachshund. she was a rescue and is very timid and is afraid of most people. i have had her almost 9 years now. she is almost 11. a sweet lil old gal. your babies are adorable. thanks for sharing. doggies are the best. i love all animals. they bring such joy to our lives. have a great week and your babies too!

  9. They're so cute!

    All of my pets have full names. Chloe Grace & Moe Ling are my cats & Oskar Wilhelm is my miniature schnauzer. Oskar even has his own blog!

  10. I love that they have full names. How great is that!?!

    The picture of Bruno Dean is so so so cute!

  11. Awwww....they're all so cute!! I wish we could have a dog, but we are just gone from the house too many hours a day. So we have a cat. For the record, a cat isn't the same as a dog. *sigh* :)


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