Saturday, September 04, 2010

Six Word Saturday

My throat WONT ruin my day!!!!

Today, its going to be PERFECT around here... perfect as in weather...

Its going to be in the mid 70's - blue skies - BEEuuuTTTIIFullll!!!!!!

And my stupid throat is still killing me!  Hitting the one week mark now.  Now beginning to wonder if I have strep throat or something... it just wont go away & its getting more painful!  Probably allergies... & I slept with the windows open last night, which couldnt have helped... sigh...

But I'm not going to let it stop me today...

I've GOT to get a run in today.... take advantage of this weather... get my body back into moving. 
A week off from working out to my body makes such a difference.

I also have to start working on my "redo" room... which I actually started last night & now, my room looks like a bomb exploded...

And I will most definitely be taking advantage of the weather today with a book in my favorite spot outside in my rocking chair...

so I need to go find some throat sucky-thingies....

Hope everyone has a perfect Saturday wherever you are!


  1. Hope your throat gets better quickly so you can enjoy this beautiful "fall-teaser" weekend. I'm so ready for cool weather.

    I grabbed my new Max Lucado book & hit the porch this morning to read in the crisp air myself. Enjoy your weekend & good luck on your re-do room!

  2. Oh, girl.... Hope your throat gets to feeling better!!! :(

  3. Strep is awful and so are allergies. I hope your throat feels better soon and you are able to get the right treatment for it.

    I appreciate your comment on my blog. You're too sweet! I knew who you were. It's the ones who don't comment I'm wishing would say hi or something. Hugs to you!

  4. Ohh be careful RJ ~~ running with a sore throat usually ='s a sorer throat later. (Is sorer a word?) anyway.... =)

    Be careful and hope you feel better soon.

    Love you girl,

  5. It's beautiful here as well but my allergies are completely out of control. Still, I'm determined to enjoy the weekend! Thanks for playing 6WS and I hope your throat feels better soon!

  6. Thinking you should probably bop into the walk in clinic and get a culture. Strep is nothing to mess with. It can develop into other serious problems. One of my daughters is a carrier and every sore throat develops into strep. Be careful and feel better soon!

  7. Ugh! I hope you feel better asap and pray it's not strep!!!

  8. i hope your throat feels better soon. If not by Tuesday,you really need to see a doc. Take care

  9. You poor thing!! I really hope you feel better soon!

  10. I hope your throat gets better. I know whenever I try to clean a room that is a disaster it always gets way worse before it gets better!

    Hugs & love,


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