Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Can we have a moment of laptop kicked the bucket last night...I'm a little heartbroken, but not surprised.  Its been struggling.  Giving me error messages, bombing out, all the signs that the end was near... & last night, it kur-punked.  It doesnt even start up now.  The lights come on, but no one's home.  So I'm off to Best Buy after work.  The idea of going into the weekend without a computer totally freaks me out & I think I'd have panic attacks & need to be rushed to the ER a few times... so a new laptop is cheaper then hospital bills...

While I'm at Best Buy today... I think the day has finally come... A Nikon D3000 ... actually, I was in the middle of purchasing it when my laptop died last night... how's that for a bad night?  When my laptop died, I thought, there goes my camera now that I have to dish out cash for a laptop.  But Ricky said, "just get both"... First of all, is THIS my husband?  What did someone do with him?  But we'll see what Best Buy has when I get there today.... Once I see the total of a camera AND a laptop, I may end up having that said panic attack from the previous frag & I may end up in the hospital afterall....  so I may chicken out of the camera... all depends on my mood when the work day is over...

Let's give a big "GO GIRL" to our girl Julie - she's running her first 5K this weekend!  I'm so excited for her!  She never thought about running before but decided to give the C25K a try & now, she's KILLING it... got some fantastic times & is a natural runner!  I cant wait for her to cross that finish line!  There's nothing like running across a finish line to make you feel like you can conquer the world! 
I'll be rooting you on from Indiana Julie!!!  Pom poms & all!!!

Hey Y'ALL.... we're getting ready to have a run of clogged ateries around our area... a Paula Deen Buffet opened at a nearby casino.  While I'm not a casino gal, I am a food gal & the word on the street is this buffet is incredible!!!  I keep hearing about 7-cheese Macaroni & Cheese (be still my cheese ladden heart) & crab cakes & Red Velvet Cake... I hear there is a salad bar too, but what's the point of that when there are tubs of butter laying everywhere?  I dont know when we'll make it down to give it a try, but I've got to be sure to fast for a week before...

SPAT OF THE WEEK:  FALL DECORATIONS ...I want to pull out all my fun orange & brown goodies & all my little pumpkins & get the house ready for Fall... but every year, & I'm talking EVERY year, this same SPAT happens.  Ricky says I have to wait until at least October 1st... because its not Fall right now. 
Well, excuse me Mr. Seasonal Police!!!!.... but he's working Saturday so guess what he cant stop me doing while he's gone... (Watch - he'll now hide the decorations on me)

This just made me laugh...

PRINCE POPPYCOCK made it to the Final Four on America's Got Talent!!! I was so happy... & now, I actually like all four acts so I'll be happy with whoever wins.  I love an underdog though.  When he said "For those of you who get made fun of, look at me & know dreams come true"... I wanted to shed a tear.... but does anyone have a chance against a 10 year old angel face girl? 

Someone sent me this tattoo ... Who says knitting isnt hard core?  I want to see this guy's face... the world needs more men knitters... even if they are on Harley's using knitting needles as weapons....

Hope you all have a FANTASTIC Friday!!!


  1. Okay so that last pic freaked me out a little ~~ EEK!!! That is one hard core knitter =)

    Oh a new computer and camera all in one day? WOW my brain would be on serious learninganewgadget over load!! heehee

    Love you friend and sounds like you are feeling happy =)

    Have a Blessed weekend,

    PS GO JULIE!!!

  2. here's how you get around the "fall stuff out before Oct 1st". You find some "back to school" items--which typically have fall like items (leaves, etc). You keep that out through Sept. and then you add in the pumpkins, leaves, etc. for Oct. which can roll right into November!

  3. You've had quite a day! Hope that today is better and you get the laptop and the camera! Can't wait to see the pictures you take with the new camera too!

  4. Oh, my! That is a hard core knitter. Sorry to hear about your laptop.

  5. Girl, in my mind it's already Fall, so go right ahead and put those decorations up to your hearts content!!!! :)

  6. Yep that tattoo is pretty scary! I have a knitting video to share with you, but it's from someone's blog & I don't know how to get its original link - so I'm posting the link to the blog post. Just go to the bottom to see the video - it's pretty hard core too LOL!

  7. Camera and laptop...did I hear a chorus of angels singing???

  8. Julie is gorgeous, but that tattoo is just plain FREAKY!!

    BTW, I agree with Ricky (and you can tell him I said that). Sorry friend, but enjoy your Indian Summer for a little longer!

  9. Oooh...that camera looks so nice! Hope it ends up working out for deserve it! Now, that tattoo gives me the heebie jeebies! I'd pay money to see that dude's face! :)

  10. Sorry about the iap top good luck on getting a new one. Oh and the camera. Have an amazing weekend..

  11. Best Friday Fragments ever...and not just because you are possibly getting the camera of my dreams
    (*excuse me for a moment while I clean the drool off my keyboard)

    A Paula Dean Buffet?? What genius!

    FALL!! My absolute favorite. I long for fall (even in my hot Florida where it does not really exist) I have a whole list of movies in my head that I save for the moment when fall cravings really hit-movies with delicious long walks through orange leaves. Some people watch When Harry Met Sally for the diner scene-I watch it for the leaves.

    The Martha Stewart picture!?! Hilarious!

    That knitting tattoo-rocks my face off!


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