Sunday, September 19, 2010

Project 365-32

Sunday - What do you see? .... during the communion message, we were told to hold our communion cup & look & see if you could see a reflection.  I had to laugh because when I looked down, I saw a smiley face... I know everyone had to be wondering what I was doing pulling out my camera during communion... but hello - I'm a blogger, its what I do... (Do you see the smiley face?)  It made my communion a lot happier!

Monday - I love Walgreens .... had to stop in for some stuff for Buffy's ear... & ended up picking up some Sour Patch Kids for the girls small group... & then found the KISS notebooks!!! Knew that would make Ricky's day.  Walgreens is literally the only store I pass on my way home (& its 10 miles away from home)  so I do love my local Walgreens....

Tuesday - SKYPE makes me happy .... because I get to see our Texas family & those beautiful grandbabies!!!  See Isaac?  Holding Spiderman?  Yep - he knows when he sees his Pappy, he's gotta show him their love for Spiderman is still something they both have... I love it when he brings books to the camera.  Luke is still the smiley baby & just grinned the whole time on the camera...if only they could invent HUGS via technology!

Wednesday - Jimmy Johns will now get all my lunch money.... I had to run to the post office & was trying to figure out what to have for lunch - when I happened to drive down the road & see a new OPEN sign!  Jimmy Johns .... cue the Heavens opening & the angels singing!  I love their potato chips & their bread.  This is my favorite sandwich with cucumbers & alfalfa spouts with guacamole... yummmm!!! Oh yeah - they gave me a frequent customer card... Yes, I'll be a frequent customer!

Thursday - Let me see what this is about.... I keep hearing all about this series of books & ended up getting them in the mail Thursday.  I cant wait to read them for myself so I can join in all the conversations about these books...

Friday - Wife Swap Game .... a few weeks ago, a friend left a comment on Facebook about Wife Swap.  I happened to be watching so I commented back - then another friend commented... next thing we knew - we were all commenting back & forth the whole show ... & it was hilarious.  Just dissecting the crazy things they say on this show was HILARIOUS!  So we had to do it again on Friday... & now, we look forward to the insanity of Wife Swap... it doesnt take much to make a Friday night for us!

Saturday - Yeah - it goes by in a blur.... I did get to meet up with my friends from high school... & I was a total slacker ... no pictures!  How do I - the person who takes pictures of communion, not take pictures of friends I havent seen in 20 years?  Blame it on all the conversation - blame it on the INCREDIBLE food (Julie - we have to go there when you're up) - blame it on the dessert (Julie - we REALLY have to go there when you're up) - I didnt think anything of my camera...but on the way home, my GPS took me right past my high school... I pulled my camera out then (yeah, I remember my camera when I'm driving 75 mph, but not in the company of friends???) - but I just thought it was so appropriate that this picture is just a blur going by... 20 years since I was in this building & it felt like yesterday....

We're heading into October & I know there is so much going to happen - so I've got to make sure the cameraS are charged & ready to go...

Hope you all have moments worthy of capturing during the next week....


  1. It looks like a great week & I love that you pulled out your camera in church. Everything is more fun when you can blog about it!

    Hugs & love,

  2. I forgot to mention "Wife Swap." We think that show is hilarious too. Haven't watched it in a long time though.

  3. The communion cup rocks!! How cool is that?! And the blurry high school picture is so true because not only does it go by so fast but once you've been out awhile those high school memories can become blurry too.

  4. fun...i saw the smiley, too!!
    a happy communion cup is AWESOMe

  5. I LOVE jimmy johns!! I just discovered that sandwich too, so yummy!
    I love our wife swap night! I is so much fun.

  6. Wide swap night is the best!!! I love how in your picture on the computer screen of Wife Swap night my nape is in all caps on one of your posts!!!
    I think I actually saw you taking that picture of your cup last Sunday, I remember looking over and everyone laughing but you guys do that anyway!!

  7. LOVE the Hunger Games series, though I'm holding off on reading Mockingjay yet. Heard it was a tearjerker, and I'm just not in the mood.

    How awesome that you get to "see" your grandbabies on Skype! I love his little Spiderman...reminds me of Elijah at that age :)

    Have a great week, Rebecca!

  8. Another great week of pictures, but that is crazy that you didn't get any of your friends. Sounds like something I would do LOL.

    I keep thinking I should take my camera to church, but I'm in the choir & I think it would just be too strange for me to whip that thing out in the middle of the service :)

  9. We sooooo need to skype one of these days!!
    You know what my Friday night show is? “What would you do?” LOVE IT!!!!!!

  10. HAHAH!! I LOVE that you took a picture during Communion. HILARIOUS!

  11. Love Wife Swap!!!

    We had a group that all commented on FB during LOST! It was great fun!

    Love the communion picture!

    Great week!


  12. Oh I LOVE the new Blog Look RJ!!! I can't wait to hear all about who did it.

    So super great!!! Love your pics too.

    Have a Blessed evening,

  13. I love that you took a picture of your smiling communion cup! We usually sit in the front row, so I probably couldn't get away with it. :)
    I haven't heard of the book series. Will look forward to hearing more about it.
    Love the shot of your HS and totally appropriate with the whizzing by. Seems that is what life does after you leave that building, huh?
    Have a super week!!!


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