Monday, September 20, 2010

Season 11 ... Here we go!!!

Season 11 - can you believe it?  I'm ready, excited, got my Diet Coke handy ... & a new look to kick off the night  on my blog (more on that later) , but as of now, we're LLIIIVVVEEEEEEE

8:00 - "Lets wait no more.  For the first time this season, lets bring out our brand new stars!"

8:01 - one minute in... we have our first trip down the steps provided by Margaret Cho

8:03 - ".... and THE HOFF"

8:03 - "I'm best known as the fun, loving, party girl of The Hills" (sorry - didnt watch it - she's just another face to me)

8:04 - "We're the first ones out there so I set the bar high because everyone else will be judged against us" - Tony

8:05 - Cha Cha to "California Girls" ... corny from the start... gotta love DWTS!

8:07 - "Audrina, you look like a beautiful show pony who looks like you need to be pushed to the limits to be put into shape" - Bruno is back with his first comment

8:13 - "I'm a loving husband & father of 7 kids" - Kurt Warner

8:14 - "Emmit set the bar... I've got big shoes to fill"

8:16 - dance ends with a kiss... to his wife...

8:16 - "You're a graceful quarterback - a natural ... I see great potential" -Bruno

8:17 - "I can only please one person a night, & you missed it" -Len as he hammers Kurt - & panning the camera to his little girl who looks like Len kicked her puppy.

8:24 - Kyle Massey & a BLOND Lacy... hold up, that's a big change....

8:25 - "Were you just staring at my boobs? -Lacy

8:27 - Disney Kid can DAAANNNCEEE!!!!  ... the crowd goes wild!

8:28 -  "You are officially my first crush on Season 11" - Carrie Ann

8:34 - Rick Fox ... the stud ... the most gorgeous man there... lifting a prayer that he can dance before I see any moves he makes

8:35 - Cheryl had to special order shoes with higher heels for this tall drink of smooth man :)

8:37 - THANK YOU LORD... He can dance.... Oh man... I'm in love... (BTW - Ricky is sitting here listening to my fawning over Rick Fox & he's just laughing at me - he's handling my crush very well)

8:45 - Margaret Cho... love Drop Dead Diva!!!!

8:46 - "You're doing it like you're sitting in the bathroom doing #2" - Louis

8:46 - Uh oh - someone told her she was fat & she never danced since... I will now root for her... I love an underdog "IN YOUR FACE" story!!!

8:48 - a little warddrobe manlfunction for Margaret...

8:49 - "Margaret - what the HECK (not heck) was THAT?" - Bruno "I actually think you could dance & you're pushing it too far, too soon"

8:57 - Brandy & Maks... Maks telling how he's going to be the "good boy" this year... we'll see

8:58 - she was beautiful... but is there any doubt about an R&B singer - she's going to be the Nicole of this year.  And hello - remember "Cinderella" - the girl is already about ball room dancing...

9:00 - "It was fabulous" - Len

9:01 - Bristol Palin ... what we've been waiting on...

9:02 - "She's only in the public eye because of her mom..." -Mark

9:05 - "That was a very acceptable performance for week 1" -Len

9:05 - Bristol did look beautiful in her red dress & with her hair down... my money is still on her for being the first out

9:06 - MY EYES ... MY EYES... why did Florence Henderson just raise her shirt?????

9:12 - We learn if you write something down in a journal 50 times, it can come true... just ask Mrs. Brady

9:13 - "I expected Florence to be very subdued - but she's actually kinda funky" ... who knew!

9:13 - Florence is a cursing sailor... who knew (AGAIN!!!)

9:15 - "You've still got it" - Bruno ... you do have to give it to her - she looks great for her age.

9:22 - "I'm best known for my raspy voice" - Michael Bolton ... um... I'm thinking he's most known for that horrible mullet he had...

9:23 - I want a posture bar myself to work on a straight back...

9:25 - "You need to smile" -Carrie Ann ... he really did look nervous & tense

9:31 - He's only had 5 days to train because he was filming "The Jersey Shore" ... let's see what The Situation is all about

9:31 - "What can you say about someone who looks like Rambo with his shirt off" - yes, he seriously just said this

9:34 - "If I get stuck on live TV - I'll just do the Hammer or The Running Man" ... appropriate with the 80's hair shaving he has going on...

9:35 - "I'm in an awkward situation Situation" -Len

9:35 - "You're going to look like a jack*** if you continue acting like that" - Bruno ... oh snap!!!

9:42 - "you probably know me best as "Baby" - Jennifer Grey

9:43 - "These Arms of Mine" .... can I say, that was my favorite song in Dirty Dancing... You all know the scene its in... oh yeah... I can remember playing that song over & over on my ALBUM - yes, ALBUM! of the Dirty Dancing Soundtrack & the MORE Dirty Dancing soundtrack...

9:44 - "....& now he's gone" ... OK - listening to her talking about Patrick Swayze has me in tears...

9:46 - "Some things get better with age -  I think you are one of them" -Carrie Ann

9:52 - KIM JOHNSON is back!!! I love her!! (Sorry Auburnchick)

9:53 - "The first time I laid eyes on Kim, I said.... magic!" - The HOFF

9:54 - "Sex Bomb" ... wow... who picked that song?

9:55 - "You reminded me of the offspring of Donnie Osmond & Jerry Springer" - Carrie Ann "You dance more with your mouth then with your body"
"Its never too early to panic" -Len

9:57 - "Who doesnt love The Hoff?" -Kim

9:59 - At the top of the leader board is Jennifer & the botton is a 3 way tie with Margaret, The Hoff & The Situation" ...I'm thinking if you have "THE" in your name, you're bound to have trouble in life...

So who are you early favs?  I will stick by Rick Fox till the end... stating that right now.  I LOVED Kyle Massey tonight... & Jennifer Grey made me cry... but it looks like its going to be a good year!  Who do you think is going to be the one to take the shame of the first one voted off?

 ... ahhh, its good to be back...


  1. I am watching the end of DWTS as I typ this (I am in a different time zone) and I really enjoyed it tonight! I think there's lots of potential this season! It should be interesting!!

    I Really LOVE your new blog design! Looks FANTASTIC!!!!

  2. ok Hoff made me wanna puke
    The situation gets on my nerves!
    Florence needs to keep her shirt on.
    I love Audrina ( I watched all of the Hills :)
    Loved Jennifer!! Oh how I miss Patrick :(
    Kyle is funny I like him.
    I am rooting for Bristol because people are wanting her to fail
    Not a fan of Rick-covers my head- sorry Bec!!
    Brandy was good
    Margaret was funny too but man start the season out with we are the champions? That is a death sentence!!
    Kurt and Michael I forgot about them-guess that tells you how I feel about them.
    My guess is Margaret is leaving.

  3. I've never watched the show. I'm already addicted to enough television!

    Hugs & love,

    PS~the new layout looks awesome!

  4. YEAH!!!!!! Can you believe that I attended a band booster meeting and had to watch it NOT live? Good gravy!


    First off, I think this show is going to be rated X before too long. Brook's dress reminded me of J Lo's dress that she wore to some awards show way back when. Hello girls!


    Audrina - She's tiny too! She has potential!

    Kurt - He was handsome but not as good as I was hoping.

    BTW, it was at this point that I thought Len better get off his high horse. He did not look pleased.

    Kyle - Oh my gosh! What a fun guy! I really enjoyed his dance and think he'll be very popular!

    Rick - He surprised me, but I felt sorry for him...getting Cheryl. I will never care much for her. But, he was SUAVE! Dude has a lot of potential!

    Margaret - GAG. I felt sorry for her until I saw those stupid tricks in her dance. Shame on Louis, whom I adore! Ugh.

    Brandy - Wish she'd worn a brighter dress. The brown blended in too much. I love Maks, though. She seemed a little too "pro."

    Bristol - Ok...I was NOT looking forward to her, and her "title" was weird. She's a receptionist, people. And saying that dancing was the hardest thing she's ever done? How about telling Mama that you're going to be a teenage mom. But, she surprised me. I loved her dress (the frilly one), and she might actually have a bit of talent! Oh, and I love Mark!!

    Florence - She is a hoot...a teensy bit like Clorus, who I did not like at all (dirty old lady) but without the crudeness (except the foul language). Please tell me that when I'm 76, I won't be cursing like that. I'd rather toot in public than say an expletive. (Tooting is what old people do and don't care, for the uninformed.)

    Jersey - Icky. I don't like Karena either. Dude NEEDS to go!!

    Jennifer - You know...I would not have recognized her except for her voice. Wish she had not gotten that nose job years ago. But, I cried at the end of her routine. It was very powerful. I love Derek. If I could dance with a star, I'd pick him or Louis, that's for sure!

    Hoff - Ugh. Leather? Seriously? And Kym? Gag, gag, gag. He can go first. Where's the number to dial to vote people OUT? Must vote out Kym.

    Sorry. I'm mean. It's allowed with DWTS.

  5. I love you, but I don't watch this show. Gave it a try for awhile, but it just didn't grab my attention.

    LOVE the new look for your blog! Looking good, baby!

  6. RJ,
    I only saw a few minutes of DWTS last night. I plan on trying to watch it this week online.

    It looks like a good year.

    Again, LOVING the new look.

    Love you friend,

  7. I actually watched a little of this (saw Margaret Cho and Bristol)...I know. You're shocked! ha!

    I loved this line: 9:22 - "I'm best known for my raspy voice" - Michael Bolton ... um... I'm thinking he's most known for that horrible mullet he had...

    AGREE!! Raspy voice...whatev's.

    And I love the blog design! Very cute!

  8. I recorded this but the tv got messed up and I only got the second half taped. Thanks for the recap! :)

  9. Your new blog design is super cute! Love it! Now, as always, you nailed it, girl! So far, I liked Jennifer Gray a lot. I'm not a fan of David Hasselhoff...he's too much into himself. I give Florence Henderson BIG props for hamming it up! I can't believe she's 76!

  10. Last night was the first time I watched DWTS. I'd rather not share which celeb drew me to it, but if you think about which one I'd least like to admit to, you'd probably nail it.

    It's quite the shock from watching lots of SYTYCD as the dancing is on a much lower level. I guess it makes sense, but it certainly surprised me.

  11. Hello...

    Thanks for your kind words the other day.. I am starting to feel better.. I love your new blog design how did you do it? I Sure do need a new one. I am so ready for DWTS. I love Jennifer she gets my votes..

    Oh Glee night tonight.. Smiles.

  12. I didn't watch it but LOVE the post!!! I'm going to have to tune in!!

    Love the new look!

  13. I made a promise to VC that I wouldn't watch this season as he knows once I sit down to watch it I am tied up for hours a week. So I'll just need to keep updated via your posts!!

  14. I love how when I don't watch DWTS, I can come here and read your recap...which is actually more fun than watching the show most weeks.

    ALSO! The new look you have going on?!?! Fabulous!


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