Tuesday, September 21, 2010

I feel Pretty - oh so pretty....

I'm talking about my blog... I feel so pretty - so fresh - so new!!!

And you all have already been so sweet on compliments - Thank You! 

I was so nervous about doing a change - but I've been blogging since 2007 & getting ready to hit my 1,000 post so I had been thinking of a new face for this blog-o-mine.  But when it comes to anything computer related, I'm pretty much clueless - & then I happened to run across my bloggy buddy over at Ladybug Blessings & she got a new look.... & it was FAB! (Go ahead & look ... & keep in mind, she has a cute little puppy "Pancake" that got incorporated in her header drawing)

So Sweet Designs

So I contacted the lovely lady at So Sweet Designs & it was like bada-bam, bada-boom & I have a new blog!

Seriously - it was so simple... I just filled out a questionaire on what I want - colors, what I like, (Hello, knitting!) simple easy questions & then it was like a few hours, I had samples in my email!!!  Then in a few days, the whole thing was complete!

I'm not even joking - it was so simple & Noor was so kind with any changes I wanted... it was a dream experience!

I just wanted to post this for any of you thinking of a change - the prices are unbelievably reasonable!!!  The service is so professional & in the end, you'll feel so pretty... trust me! :)

If anything - go visit So Sweet Designs to just look at her other designs - & see all the "Freebies" that are offered as well... some tips for blogger, which for the computer dorks like me, are like gold!

So what kinda look would you want if you changed?  I HAD to have a knitter... what would you HAVE to have? .... & by the way, I like myself in cartoon format more then real life :)


  1. I LOVE IT! Def. fresh and clean and great colors. Yay for you!

  2. It's gorgeous! Just like you! I might have to do the same....

  3. Wow, I love your new look! It is perfect for you. I will check her out because I am ready for a change but waiting on the finances to do it. Congrats on the new look and I will add your button to my blog sidebar, too.

  4. Adorable! Love love love the colors!! So very pretty, fresh & new! Nice job!

  5. You are like the mom I totally needed to have (not saying you're old)...so creative and fun! This new style fits your personality to a "T"!

    If I were to redesign my blog, I would HAVE to have a soccer ball, knitting paraphernalia, and some sort of teacher-y thing. Oh yeah, and a Bible verse and the Mirror Ball Trophy, of course!

  6. I think this is totally fantastic!!!! Congrats on the sleek new look.

  7. I seriously cannot believe what a good deal you got!!!!! :)

  8. It looks great. I'm off to check them out!



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