Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its Friday... I'm tired... I need a dose of Fragging to pep me up...
Its Fall... the time of color & beauty & coolness... IN DREAM LAND!!!!  Not where I live!!!!  Its my favorite time of the year because of the cool nights & the beautiful colors & now, everything is just beige... dry... dying... It was even 100 degrees yesterday & in the high 90's today!!  I expect a tumbleweed to cross my yard anyday now.  I have to check my GPS to make sure I'm still at my house & not in Arizona...


Bye bye Mr. David Hasselhoff ... hoping "The Situation" will be following you next....

Calling all of those who are searching for the perfect mascara!!!  I think I have tried every stinking brand on the block... & something is always wrong with it - it wears off early, it smudges an hour after I have it on, it clumps - ladies, you all know what I'm talking about.  The wonderful world of blogs & Twitter led my blog buddy Lianna to tell me about Mary Kay Ultimate Mascara.  She actually sells Mary Kay & said she swore by it.  So when a sale came along, she emailed me & told me I should give it a try... Can I tell you something?  I ... AM... IN....LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!  Honestly, she wasnt playing any mascara-mind-games with me because it really is the best I've ever tried.  I put it on during the morning, after work & even going for sweaty faced runs, it still looks great!  I actually surprise myself when I look in the mirror at the end of the night when I'm taking a shower & see that my eyes still look like they have mascara on them... Stop by Lianna's blog if you want to give it a try...I aint playing no mascara-mind-games either! (how's that for a wonderful grammer sentence?)


We had to take Buffy to the vet last night because she's been limping so badly - come to find out - she has severe arthritis in her feet... we were then told she needs to loose 25 lbs!  DO WHAT?  We were told a few months back too that Bruno needs to look about 15 lbs!  OK - I need Jillian in my house for a "Biggest Loser Doggie Edition"


Disadvantage of living in the country = No sidewalks!!!!
I want to take my dogs for nice walks but living on a hilly, country road, its not possible...
If you have a side walk - be thankful...
In the wise words of Cinderella, you dont know what you got till its gone
(All my 80's hair band friends are now totally singing that song!)


We're getting visitors this week... 2 more doggies!!!!!  We're going to be dog sitting this week so its going to take our dog count up to 6.... yes... 6 dogs running around our house.  If you dont hear from me during the week, call for help - the dogs have offiically taken over!

(This will totally be me)

My knitting sister-friend Lynn sent me an email with this picture & a big WHY????????

Hmmm... I had no answer...for her...
Can you imagine what those will look like when they drop down the leg ... because you know nothing stays up on a leg like that... you'd have a ton of pom poms around your ankle... there's a look for you!

I dont know why this picture makes me laugh...Because being sick is not funny... I hate it...But I also hate roller coasters...

I just love the reaction from the people around this poor man... the guy in the background who is leaning to the side so he doesnt get hit... the man behind the puker who is just like "OHHHHHH" ... or the poor soul who has his hands up thinking thats going to save him .  Sadly, I think the people behind got the brunt of the spewing... look at the motion of it!  (Why am I infuatiated with this picture where I dissect it?)

I have to wonder too... did they buy the picture as a memory?

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday  (... with no vomiting involved)



    I'm gonna check out this mascara. This woman could DEFINITELY use some good no-clumping mascara.

    Love you friend ~~ have a Blessed weeked with ALL those doggies =)


  2. Oh should've warned us with that last picture. yuck!

    I love that mascara too, but haven't found anyone in awhile who sells Mary Kay.

    So sorry for your sweet dog. Jillian may be the answer though because she could get in their face and SCREAM and then they would bite back :)

  3. That last picture is hilarious.
    That sounds like a great mascara! I'm always looking for a good one.
    This was fun to read! (I'm visiting from Friday Fragments!)

  4. My dog had to gain weight! He was diagnosed with diabetes last year and all told he lost almost 40 pounds! :( Now that we've got his insulin regulated and changed his food he's put about 20 of those pounds back on.

  5. Oh, that picture! That's why I stay off the roller coasters.

  6. Funny post with interesting pictures. Those puff balls on the legs were wild. Then the puke picture.. Oh my..

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  7. Thanks girl! SO glad you like the mascara...I love it too :)

  8. Our pup is having hip problems. It breaks my heart to see our babies in pain. I hope your feels better soon and isn't too upset about the change in diet.

    That rollercoaster pic is just TOO TOO MUCH!

    Love your layout!

  9. Girl, what in the world are you feeding those dogs? Is Ricky slipping them the food you've been cooking? See, you THOUGHT he was digging your new cooking skillz.


    The knitted pom pom sock thongs...weird-o-rama. Of course, you could always make them and wear them to cheer on Chicky! Just jump up and down to make them shake!!

    Yeah, I need some sleep, I think.


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