Thursday, September 16, 2010

You're a SCREW UP!!!!

How's that for an inviting welcome to my blog today?

Actually, I should say it in a more kind & gentle way -  I should say "You're not perfect' ...

Now, you'd think everyone would know that... right?  But I'm finding lately that there are more people who think they have the "perfection" thing going on pretty nicely. 

For those of you who didnt have fun reading my Facebook or Twitter posts the other day, let me fill you in. 

There was a coworker who was sitting in another coworkers office, going over some reports, when all of a sudden I hear this:

"Are you saying I messed up? 
(insert dramatic breath here)
Because I NEVER mess up"

And the word NEVER was very stressed ...

I sat with my jaw dropped... mainly because this wasnt a joke... this statement was TRULY believed! 

I thought back to another incident.... I once tried to tell someone that they were being lied too... & this was the response I received:

"Do you really think I can be duped?"

I just sat speechless at this question that was posed to me. Because I wanted to say,
"Why YES!!!! I do believe you can be duped - why do you think you can't be?"

But I didnt say anything of that nature...I just sat sort of shocked that anyone would think they couldnt be duped....

Afterall, I was sitting in front of this person knowing for a FACT that he had been lied to & he had in fact been duped.  I have since learned that he was duped more then he will ever know...

Then last night in our youth group, I asked the kids, "Say you have GOD written across your forehead for everyone to see.... are you showing His name in a postive light - or a negative light?"

All the kids thought about it & pretty much all of them said they mess up when it comes to shining a positive light on God's name with the way they live their lives...

I ASSURED them...because I've seen it & witnessed it myself in many many MANY different ways that they do in fact shine a positive light for God... not saying that they dont mess up & have those negative moments as well - who doesnt?

But compare these kids to the two adults I mentioned earlier... what a difference...

The scary thing to me too - the adults are both in highly respected positions.... & yet, they are almost having an issue with being humble... seeing their short comings...these kids, they saw their short comings ahead of anything else...

Its hard to admit faults sometimes, isnt it?  I get that...We like to put on a "front" that we've got it all together - we dont like to admit that we mess up...

Let me be the first to acknowledge to you... I'M A SCREW UP!  I mess up all the time...daily actually...

I found out the difference in my response as well to these people... these kids last night earned my respect because they admitted they too are screw-ups... these two adults who claim perfection in areas - well, lets just say respect has definitely lessened...

What about you?  Is it hard for you to admit shortcomings & faults?  Or are you like me & claim that badge of honor of being a "screw up"? 


If we claim to be without sin, we deceive ourselves & the truth is not in us.
-1 John 1:8


  1. I HATE to mess up - gets on my last nerve. However, I would never say that I'm perfect (in fact I can be a little too self-depracating) & I always own up to the mistake. And the older I get the less detail oriented I am (sorry boss!).

  2. I am a screw up!!! I think admitting that you're a screw up makes you rely so much more on the Lord to make you's ONLY in Him that that can happen! (But in the moments I screw up, it's not always fun to be reminded!) :) Great post!

  3. It's amazing to me how many people can't grasp man's sin nature. I know I'm a sinner!

  4. Great post thanks for sharing. I'm a skrew up too. =) Great lesson to teach your kids. Great job Mom!

  5. I like the idea of being perfect, but I know it's not me. I used to strive for perfection in every avenue in my life (be the perfect mom/wife/student/nurse), but the stress of trying for that unattainable goal is too much. There is only ONE perfect person, and we all know it isn't me. I think you earn way more respect in the eyes of your kids/peers/etc when you can admit honestly about your imperfections.

    I'm a screw-up, too!

  6. Hi, my name is Lauren, and I am a screw up!!!!

  7. I don't know what planet of denial these people live in, but they would be so much happier if they woke up! They are probably the ones who are most racked with self doubt.

    I screw up all the time, but I know I try hard and that's what He wants of me.

    Hugs & love,

  8. I am a daily screw up who is made perfect through Jesus Christ! I could not live with myself if I had to live without Christ! However - for a long time I just lived feeling like I wasn't worth anything - and some people need to realize how beautiful they were designed to be with Jesus in them:)

    I am so glad your youth are able to be honestly introspective. I have one who thinks he's the smartest man in the room!

    What an awesome post!

  9. WOW I am TOTALLY a mess-up (don't like the "s" word =) daily....sometimes momently.

    Yes we need to unite and get t-shirts and everything =)

    Love you friend,

  10. I WISH I COULD BELIEVE FOR ONE MOMENT I WAS PERFECT. That said, I'm a screwup. I can be duped and have been more times than I care to admit. By myself, my "friends", my "frenemies" and by the devil.

    Since our decision last week, I've been working hard at not allowing doubt or worries come charging in that we made the wrong decision. I really do believe this was God's plan but man is it hard not to allow doubt to come crashing in again. Yes, my friend, I've made mistakes and I've been duped. Just don't let tell my husband or daughter. They think I'm perfect. NOT! ;)

  11. It can be so hard to admit you messed up, but it can also be an incredible example to those you are admitting it to.

    I had to eat crow in a majorly big way today in second period. I had to apologize, make amends (by giving bonus points on the vocab test), and explain to my students how I would ensure that my boo-boo did not happen again (at least not this particular mistake). I think they realized, in the process, that I do not think of myself as higher than them.

    THAT is a huge lesson for anyone!

  12. I admit it!! I may not like it but I do admit it!!

  13. I'm a screwup all the time.

    God redeems me.


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