Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Its that time again... Friday... & not just ANY Friday... a Friday before a 3 day weekend... that's even more lets get to the fragging - get this party started...

I have been sick all week... I hate being sick... today is the first day I can breath on my own, so that's progress.  But last night, WOW - my voice was so deep, it would have made the 3 Tenors sound like the 3 Sopranos... By the way - I would have totally wore this little device this week... it would have made my life a lot easier...

My plans for this holiday weekend - ROOM DESTRUCTION... well, not real destruction, but it may look like it!  I'm taking one of my rooms & totally redoing it - putting things away, simplifying... I want it to be more of a "Craft room" - space for my yarn & finally a place to pull out my sewing machine.  Yes - the same sewing machine I got for Christmas that is STILL in the box, never opened!  I'm watching too much Project Runway right now & I'm getting that bug again on wanting to sew away!  But this project of redoing this room will probably take all 3 days...wish me luck...

By the way - you want to drool? - just google "Craft room" & look at some rooms people have... I'm now officially jealous... to be this organized? I think my brain would explode with confusion...But I can dream...

BIG YIPEE'S for Modern Family!!! I was so excited that they won an Emmy!  Yipee for Jane Lynch too!  The only thing I was bummed about during the night - LOST won nothing!  NOTHING?  Yep - nothing!  None of the actors even got a nod... that wasnt cool at all.  I do have to say, I was loving the opening scene with all the GLEE love... Jimmy Fallon & Tina Fey are just awesome!  And I have to give Kudos to Kate Gosselin for making fun of herself & knowing she was a horrible daner....

Being sick I havent been able to run all week... & I've MISSED IT!!! I never in my life thought I would miss running!  Tomorrow is supposed to be the most gorgeous day around here since EVER - so I'm hoping feel back up to it so I can get out & get a run in - even if its a small run...

SPAT OF THE WEEKMicrowave buttons!!!! ... this is a very much ongoing spat... For some reason, Ricky loves to stop the microwave before it runs down its time... that leaves numbers on the screen that flash, with a message that says "Press CLEAR" ... at LEAST every day, if not a few times a day, do I have to walk by & hit that clear button.  Ricky doesnt know why this bothers me... I dont understand why he cant either hit the CLEAR button - or let the stupid time run down!  What is 3 seconds?  Come on now... dude needs to work on patience...I guarantee he would say to that comment that I've worn all his patience out! :)

Dancing with the Stars Countdown!!!!  You all know I'm beyond thrilled!  Instantly, I'm exciting about Rick Fox... He is so handsome.  He could stand there & snap his fingers & I'd vote for him!  But I'm anxious to see who is the surprise of the season - the person who has good moves that you didnt expect... I'm thinking its going to be Florence Henderson!!!  She's a Broadway lady so I think she could do it.... I'm also thinking Jennifer Grey isnt going to be that good... hope I'm wrong about that.  Do you have a instant favorite?

Who's watching America's Got Talent?  I'm worried for my FABulous Prince Poppycock... there will be two opera acts in the finals.  One being him - the other, the adorable little 10 yr old, Jackie Evancho.  While I think her voice is amazing & I still cant believe it comes from her, how cute is it going to be when she's 18?  I mean, she'll just be an ordinary singer by then... Prince Poppycock will still be FABulous!  But I'm scared the cuteness may beat him.... He's going to have to pull out a crazy performance!  And I'm afraid for this little girl... is it even SAFE for her vocal cords to be doing something like this at so young?  I mean singing is one thing - but OPERA?  ... see, I'm pushing Prince Poppycock for this young girls safety... its because I care...

Hope everyone has a FANTASTIC Friday .... full of health & no head colds...


  1. Thanks for the wishes. I'm glad that you are feeling some better and I hope you get your run in AND get your room organized. One day, when I'm rich, and my kids are grown, I'm gonna have organization in my home. And cleanness. And a room just for crafts.
    And the numbers on the microwave thing, it came down on their genes. Mine can't seem to find the clear button either. Isn't that strange?

  2. RJ,
    That toliet paper hat cracks me up. How funny!!!

    Oh I need to go look up the Dancing with the Stars line-up. I haven't even seen who's gonna be on there. WOW, I'm behind =)

    Love you friend ~~ hope you feel GREAT this weekend,

  3. Our spat this week was the dishwasher. It's not that great (we rent, so unless the thing is completely dead, we won't be getting a new one), but it does the job. But to make it better, we do have to rinse the dishes. I'll give you one guess who, after all this time, STILL can't scrape the eggs off the spatula before putting it in the dishwasher (*hint: it's not me).

  4. OH I am so glad I am not the only that got a sewing machine for Christmas that has still never been used!!

    Mine is out of the box though, but that's about it!! The only difference, I have NO IDEA how to sew!! One of these days I may figure it out!!

  5. I have the same problem with the microwave. It's when anyone does it...I like to look at the time on the microwave not the seconds...sorry Ricky!!

    I drool over craft day when and if I ever get to build a house I'm going to have a craft room and it's going to be fabulous!!

  6. Hope you feel better quickly so you can enjoy your long weekend.

    I can't wait to see pics of your new craft space. I would LOVE to have my own craft space.

    Sad but true that I am with Ricky on the microwave buttons. I always stop it just short of ending because I can't stand the annoying beep. However, I do at least clear the numbers for the next person to use it....ha!

  7. Oh, that's so sad you were sick all week. I hate that too. I know I'm sick when I don't feel like going on the computer AT ALL.

    You definitely need a craft room for your sewing and knitting supplies and a nice work space would be great too! Good luck with that.

  8. Looking forwrd to seeing Dancing with the stars.
    Great post; glad you are feeling better!

  9. Sure hope you're on the mend, Rebecca! I'm not real choked up about DWTS this season. No one really jumps out at me. Why, oh, why did they sign up "The Situation"? I've heard enough of those Jersey Shore people already! We'll see how it all pans out. :)

  10. Hope you get better soon. I am happy about DWTS. My husband does the same thing with microwave and it drives me nuts.. Enjoy your weekend.

  11. oh hope you feel better! no fun! i am cracking up a the toliet paper hat thing hilarious! i love modern family can't wait for fall shows to start. have a good weekend!

  12. That toilet paper picture was hilarious!! Hope you feel better and get to have a great weekend getting that craft room all ready!! I'm dreaming of the day when I'll have the space and time to get back to my crafts :)

  13. That craft room is awesome....I am drooling and dreaming now. Can not even imagine having the space to be that organized!

    On the microwave...I have to throw my vote your way. That would drive me crazy!!

    The toilet paper hat is so funny!!

  14. I was sick last week and it was miserable! Hope you feel better soon!

    Oh, and I LOVVVVE Modern Family!!

  15. I used to be the crafty sort, but not so much anymore. You should take before and after pics of your craft room.

    Speaking of pics -- the head cold picture is too funny. My son could use one of those.

    I missed the Emmy's. Wish we'd taped it. I can probably catch most of the highlights online if I look for them.

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  18. LOL @ the toilet paper roll hat.

    Good luck with your room re-do! I'm also envious of people that have unlimited resources to make such amazing rooms!!

    Kyle does the SAME THING with the microwave! So annoying!! Or, he let's it continue beeping after the time has run out, over and over and over till I'm about ready to pull my hair out!

    I'm excited for DWTS too. I didn't even know who the asian chick is though, but did you see all of her tattoos? Dang! I hope Jennifer Gray is better than I think she's going to be. I'm wondering how the Disney guy is going to do. I hope Bristol Palin goes home first (is that mean? Probably but she bugs me). I don't have a favorite yet.

  19. Ok, so I think I'm a bit disappointed with the DWTS lineup. I do not relish the thought of the Hoff dancing. Blech. Loved him on Knight Rider but give me a break. He's strange!

    And what about Bristol Palin? Wonder if her mom is going to show up to support her. And who's taking care of that baby?

    I think Brandy will be good. I'm just not sure about anyone else. It will be interesting!

    Gotta comment about the microwave button thing.

    We don't use the microwave for cooking (microwaving food is horrible for your health), but we use the timer for cooking on the stove.

    Anyhow, my Rooster HATES when we don't clear it. I mean, he will pitch a fit if he sees the uncleared panel.


    America's Got Talent - It's gonna be a GREAT finale!!! I can't wait!!

  20. Thanks for the wishes. I'm glad that you are feeling some better and I hope you get your run in AND get your room organized. One day, when I'm rich, and my kids are grown, I'm gonna have organization in my home. And cleanness. And a room just for crafts.And the numbers on the microwave thing, it came down on their genes. Mine can't seem to find the clear button either. Isn't that strange?


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