Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

*Stop the press... it was in the 80's yesterday.  It felt like a little piece of heaven.  I literally didnt want to stay indoors.  I got home, got a book & sat out in my rocking chair & read for an hour.  Went & got my running stuff on, went out for a trot enjoying being off that treadmill.  Made it back home, got my book & headed back outside again until it was too dark to read.   I think God created hot or cold weather so we'd stay indoors & watch more TV...

**I now know what "mindless eating" means.  Ricky had picked me up a York Peppermint Patty (yummm) one day.  I got home from work, saw it & was hungry so I opened it up.  Bad thing, I was doing like 5 things at once.  Sorting mail, giving the dogs a treat, getting something to drink, taking off my shoes & I think doing a little dance in the middle of it all.  Then I look & notice the wrapper is empty & I'm thinking, "Did I eat it?" - I honestly didnt even remember it at all.  I mean, I remember putting it in my mouth - but it was like it was so fast, I didnt even taste it.  Isnt that weird?  ....What a waste...

***SCHOOL SUPPLIES!!! I have no little kiddos going to school... but I have always loved & still to this day, get excited when I see all the aisles full of school supplies.  There's just something that speaks to my heart when I see binders & notepads & pens & little gadgets that are stupid, but you feel like you need.  Like a tiny stapler that wouldnt hold 2 pieces of paper together.  Get me to the Disney notepads & I'm all giddy too, knocking down any little girl that is trying to take the last of the Belle folders.  Yes, I will knock them down if I have to.  School supplies is some serious business.

****Speaking of school supplies, I've discovered I'm a pen snob.  My work purchases pens all the time, but I'm so picky.  I want a specific kind.  Its a cheap pen too (thank goodness) - but its the Bic Ultra Round Stic Grip ... in the Medium Point (dont forget the 'point') I love the way it writes - love the grip on it (it doesnt go too far down or too far up) & the lid is perfect for biting & chewing when stressed or thinking.  Do you prefer one certain kind of pen? 
I must have gotten the 'pen thing' from my mom.  I just had a flashback of a blue pen that had an eraser on it (remember those? erasable pens?) that she would leave in her purse & dare anyone to touch.  My pen snobbery has been passed down from generation to generation.

*I didnt think it was possible - but with watching just 3 hours of "The Bachlor Pad", I have discovered I now hate Vienna more then ever.  How can one person go through me like she does?  And are you telling me to just not watch it?  Well, then where else would I sit & yell "you're an idiot" on my Monday nights?

*Note to Self:  Read Labels in the store.  I bought an avacado dip at the grocery, only to get it home & read the labels & see it had NO AVACADO in it... Say what?  It was more sour cream & flavoring & a green dye. 

*Finally, The SPAT OF THE WEEK:  Installing our router.... If you saw over the weekend, our router went out on Friday last week.  We got a new one but the dreaded time came - to install it.  Whenever anything has to be "installed" - "put together" - "taken out of a box" - its a for sure argument.  I could pick so many examples just from this, but I'll just go with "the CD".  We opened the box upstairs & then while Ricky took the router & the installation CD downstairs, I fed the dogs.  I went downstairs afterwards only to have Ricky say, "What did you do with the CD?"... I tried to tell him he took it with him when he went downstairs.  He was convinced I brought it down, which turned into he was convinced I threw it away!!! How did that turn into me throwing it away?  Because he says anything that is lost, I throw away.  Guess where the CD was at?  Behind him on the floor.... I love being right....

*I'm wanting to go see "The Help" so badly this weekend... & no, I still havent seen "Harry Potter" - I'm so disappointed in myself... movie fail!

Hope you all have a Fabulous Friday!!!!


  1. I love your Friday fragments and I'm more convinced than EVER that if we lived in a 20 mile radius of one another we'd have coffee at least 4 times a week. Everything in your fragments are SPOT ON with my thinking. CRAZY!!

    Have a good weekend--and pray for cooler weather to stay...the 3-day is next weekend. EEK!

  2. Remember them? Black erasable pens are on my list for my class!

  3. I just totally scarfed down a PB&J sandwich while I was reading this. Thank God most of it is still stuck in my teeth so I have something to think about. But you are so right. I wish that I could just eat a meal in total silence and just think about the food instead of thinking about everything thing else in the world.
    Have a great weekend!
    Your Friend, m.
    p.s. I'm loving that you have a rocking chair. m.

  4. Bachelor Pad: UGH! I honestly felt bad for her with what Jake did, NOW - not so much. Can't stand her. I do like Jake though (maybe it's just that charm that's flowing through the tv). I think Kasey is blind.

    I love school supplies, too, and I'm a pen junkie. It's really sad!

  5. I hear you on the 'installation' thing. Eric ALWAYS says there is a part missing or the directions are wrong. How can that be on every single thing that's put together around here. So annoying!

  6. I've so done the mindless eating. I'll totally not remember the "middle" of eating something. I remember the start of it and then next thing I know, it's gone. PS I just visualized you in the kitchen with the mail, the dogs, the peppermint patty and you doing a dance. It made me smile! LOL

    I'm a label reading FANATIC! I won't buy anything without looking at the ingredients list. Packaging can be so misleading.

    Is it weird that I love hearing about your spats? I just think y'all are too cute :)

  7. HI girly ~~ I feel like I haven't commented in FOREVER!!! This getting two kids to college is proving to kick my booty =)

    But I had to comment because you had a "Spat of the Week". Always makes me smile and want to hug your neck until you make me stop. Is that weird? You would think that I'd hug your neck about the school supplies....since I'm all about them, but no. The SOTW does it for me EVERYTIME. I guess because I know that you are keeping it real and love that man more than M & M Pretzels (and that's a lot =)

    I love you friend and hope to be back to regular visits in about a week or so.

    Have a Blessed weekend ~~ love you ~~ Dawn

  8. If you have a huge urge to BUY some of those school supplies even though you don't have a kiddo going to school, you could get some and pack them into one of those shoebox gifts that get sent to third world countries at Christmas - - -

  9. Ok, so is the Bachelor Pad the network's attempt to get people lured into the Bachelor franchise? I refuse to watch it. Some people will do anything to be on TV. Ugh.

    Regarding the office supplies, I am completely with you! I actually love the pens in your picture. I like blue better though.

  10. those are my favorite pens! i'm a lefty so i have a hard time finding pens that don't smear as i write and those are the best. were you not speechless after bb last night ha!

  11. That is SUCH a waste of a York Patty. I love those.

    I am absolutely a school supply lover and a pen snob. Thankfully, my favorite pens are on the cheap side too. And they write in blue. Blue ink makes me happy.

    My husband brought home that avocado-less avocado dip once. gross.

    I still need to read the Help before I can go see it. I need a weekend trip to the bookstore badly!

  12. Loved hearing your frags. I had to laugh at the school supply comments and the fight of the week. Both sound like things that might happen around here too.

  13. I am a totle pen snob and love back to school supplies. I am a grandmother of 13 and still love picking out purple sparkly folders...of course the granddaughters come over and talk me out of them...
    I want to see the Help too...I want to read the Help also...big fail here too!


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