Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea
Friday... hip hip horray... FRIDAY!!!!

This weekend is the Ford Ironman Competition ... a true Ironman with all the swimming, biking & running 26.2 miles.  And I'll be there!!!!... as a volunteer!  You didnt really think I was going to be doing all those things, did you?  I'm still impressed this butt of mine can do 13.1 miles - add in all that other stuff & I think Mr. Death would be at the finish line waiting for me. I do, on the other hand, get to work at a water booth & hand out cups to these amazing athletes, rooting them on!  I need to have Ricky run to me while I hold cups of water to practice the hand off... At least I can now say, I was involved with the Ironman Competition (it stil sounds good)

I get horrid car-sickness.  And what makes it worse sometimes?  Traffic!  That constant stop/go/stop/go motion... (I'm turning green thinking of it).... so guess what's fun right now?  They shut a lane down on the bridge to get from Indiana to Kentucky - which I have to take every morning.  It's going to be shut down for 2 months too.  I'm now leaving home at 6:10 am to get to work by 7... this is going to get old QUICK!

I may, or may not, have eaten a whole bag of peach gummy rings by myself in a days time....

I'm kinda excited that Facebook has kicked up technology & brought "Words with Friends" to the big screen... & by big screen, I mean my computer.  Its handy to have it right in front of you instead of having to pull it up on the ole ipod... now if they can do that for "Hanging with Friends"

I watched a marathon of "Extreme Couponing" last weekend on TLC... wow... I know some people who save money with coupons - I'm a believer in coupons - but WOW!  I just dont get how they get all those coupons.  Do they go & buy 100  papers every Sunday to get the inserts? Is that cost ever factored in?  I cant see having 2,439 bags of ramen noodles, but I do like the idea of stock piling laundry detergent & things you know you'll use on a constant basis.  What blows my mind too is how they have 5 baskets full of products & then they get it all in a car like a Honda Accord... THERE's the miracle, right there!


Isnt that a cool tattoo?  There are really some neat "knitting" ones that blow my mind!  This one, at least, you're always getting a pat on the back!  (oh, I crack myself up sometimes)

Spat of the Week:  Reality TV ... OK, this is fresh. As of last night.  I am a Big Brother Addict!  Ricky just kinda comes & goes, asks what's going on, doesnt really care ever since the days of Dr. Will.  So he sat & watched it with me last night - for those of you that dont watch it, it was a big night last night - it was a surprise double elimination.  Well, there is a couple on there, Jeff & Jordan, that is A-DOR-ABLE - & cute & sweet & just fun to watch.  You root for those people.  Well, to make a long story short, Jeff got kicked out last night in this surprise elimination.  I was irrate - screaming like my dog had been stabbed by this reality back stabbing person that turned on Jeff.  But then Ricky defended the elimination saying how it was "all good game play" & how "that guy seems cocky anyways"... Oh NO he didn't!  He doesnt even watch the show enough to connect with these people like I have! Jeff, Jordan & I are a team... in my  mind. We had the biggest debate on good game play, when you start playing with values, when you care about people in a game... I think Mark Burnett of Survivor was taping us for our own show.

This morning when I woke up, I honestly said - the first words out of my mouth - "I still cant believe Jeff got eliminated" & then I looked at Ricky & said, "Shut up" before he could start with me... there's our morning conversation :)

First Day of School Pictures!!!

My Nieces - First Grade... can you believe how big they're getting?

Isaac, our grandbaby heading to Pre K ... look at that hair... & how cute is that Buzz Lightyear Packback?  Can eat him UP!

Hope all the first days of school have gone smoothly for everyone


  1. "Extreme Couponing" = shudders.

    Those people are hoarders. The one time I watched, the woman bought 44 bottles of mustard. Our mustard expires before we use it up, what family of four could use that much? Even her husband tried to talk her down...

    My son worked at CVS here at home at in Baton Rouge until got his current grad asst job, and he says those folks were a pain to him and to other shoppers--and they break all sorts of rules and stuff. They count on store managers letting them slide so they don't have a scene in front of other shoppers!

    Also, the one episode of that show I did watch, the lady went to recycling bins and pulled out coupons.

    I figure someone is paying for their "free" products, and it's not just the manufacturer and store--it's the rest of us!

    I have only watched one full episode, but while channel surfing once I came across one on which a lady donated to a food pantry instead of keeping it all for her family. Bless her!

  2. Love that you're helping out at the Ironman this weekend! That's very, very cool!

  3. I have heard that papers are being stolen. I think it reaches the point of addiction.

    Is that spiderman on his lunchbag?

  4. Gummy rings? Really?
    Yes, we use coupons. We buy four papers and the then we get about 4 or 5 more from neighbors and family. I introduced it to Fred since he becomes like a crazy person when he likes something so I knew that he would get into it. It's lots of fun but we only buy what we actually use so, no, we don't end up with 5 carts of noodles.
    Have a great weekend! m.

  5. peach gummys are delicious. i do not blame you one bit for finishing them in one day.

    that tatto is beautiful, i love the little red heart.

    i can get car sick too, it sucks!

    hope you have a good weekend love.

  6. I am with you on the extreme couponing thing. I try to use one and it's almost always not right or expired by a day or can't be used when it's already on sale. I would love to get a normal amount of the product I need and will use at the same price these people get an entire heaping cart for free or they get paid. I DON'T GET IT!

    Is it wrong I look forward to reading your spat of the week? It makes me feel like the arguments my hubby and I have aren't so insane after all. We all have our little issues don't we. LOL

  7. My husband told me some people do horde the Sunday papers for the coupons! I never even thought of doing that.

    I can relate to your rooting for the Reality TV show participants. I did the same with The Bachelorette, couldn't believe this last one didn't pick the other guy--I don't even remember his name now but I was shocked when she didn't pick him.

    I like "Take The Money And Run." These people would win if they would just not tell the investigators where they hid it. unbelievable that they can't stand to be in a small room for just two days. I would just sleep, exercise and meditate. Maybe even sing a bit. $100,000 is a lot of money to give up.

  8. You and my mom would get along swimmingly. She loves peach gummy rings. I'm more a peanut M&Ms gal myself.

    The only thing I don't like about WWF on Facebook is you have to drag and drop the tiles, instead of being able to click and type. But if you want to play, I'm @4thfrog.

  9. I agree that a lot of those people on Extreme Couponing are hoarding and a little crazy. Sometimes they say they spend 40 hours a week searching out/printing out coupons to buy all this stuff they keep in their garage. Every once in a while I'm really impressed - like the woman in Philly who filled only one cart with groceries she needed and paid $6. I could go for that. But even she walks 7 miles a day collecting fliers and coupons from neighbors.

    I get car sick too, I used to read in the car when I was younger and I don't know how I did it! Traffic and winding roads are the worst.

  10. Love that tattoo...being a tattoo girl myself, that one is pretty awesome...Love the pictures of the first day of school! So cute...Have fun with the Iron Man...

  11. Big Brother...oh my. I am still po'd (sorry, hope I can post that acronym on your oh so clean blog).

    Kalia and Porsh have been such non-players that it's ridiculous what happened! It was pure luck on their part.

    My heart broke for Jordan. Don't you just love the way he talks about her. That guy MUST pop the question soon. They need each other.

    I got into a fairly heated argument with Rooster about this as well. He doesn't like the couple winning. Grrr. I think I'll put duct tape on his mouth on Sunday night. :D

    BTW, your nieces and grandson are too cute!

  12. Oh I am loving Big Brother this season & even though I love Jeff, I think they were smart to get him out. Jordan & Rachel are pretty innefective without their men.

    Your grandson & neices are beautiful.

    Hugs & love,


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