Tuesday, August 02, 2011

"The Office" almost killed me...

WARNING:  This post may cause random episodes of throwing up....

(Dont say I didnt warn you)

I was on the treadmill yesterday, getting in my daily 5k, enjoying the fan blowing in my face & thankful I wasnt out running in the 98 degree air.

The best part of my running on the treadmill?  I have a TV right in front of it & I get my run in during the time some comedy's are on.  I love to run when I can just laugh & not think so hard on the actual "running"

"The Office" came on yesterday... with probably one of the funniest scenes EVER...

It makes me laugh so hard... but it also makes me sick!  Why?  Because I'm a chain puker.  If I hear it, see it, get near it, smell it... I want to just hurl right along. 

The scene is where Pam tells everyone she can't handle smells right now because of her pregnancy.  To which Dwight says, "I dont remember having a meeting agreeing you should get pregnant" - so he peels & eats a hard boiled egg right in front of her.  She pulls up her trash can & throws up right in front of him... causing a chain reaction...

I started laughing so hard on the treadmill - & remember, I'm on the 3 mile mark, so my breathing is shorter anyways - add in the laughing till tears are flowing... & then the challenge to take deep breaths so I dont throw up on my treadmill...I thought I was going to fly right off the back of that thing from laughing so hard!

Anyone else remember this scene? ... How do you not love "The Office"?

I cant find the whole clip... but here's just a part of it so you all can enjoy the fun side of throwing up ...  :) Arent you glad you stopped by my blog today? You never know what you're gonna get...


  1. I loved this clip. I had to throw up in my office trash can while preggers with baby two. I think everyone else freaked out more than I did.

  2. It's called sympathetic puking. Good thing you aren't a teacher!

  3. You're no lady!!!
    Good girls don't talk about puke. And they should never write about it. For goodness sake!
    Anyway, I've never seen one episode of the Office. Can you believe that. So I guess it's a funny show? I'll take your word for it. I mean, you haven't lied to me yet. Well, maybe you have but as long as it's behind my back, I'm fine with that.
    Hey, I'm still struggling with getting back to Blogging. It's not easy, let me tell ya!
    I hope you've been okay. You know, trying to get through life without me and all. I understand.
    Okay, I have 127 more blogs to read. Geez, now I feel like puking. m.

  4. Hahaha...I love The Office, and this is one of my favorite episodes. I can barely stand it while I'm watching comfortably on my sofa, so I can't imagine watching from a treadmill!

  5. Love it! I love how Creed is eating noodles while everyone else is puking!


  6. I remember this scene (probably because I just recently watched it on our dvds - yes, I am an Office fanatic) and it is SO funny!!!

    I can.not.imagine trying to watch it while running.


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