Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Mystery Picture?

OK - this is vague... but let's see if it strikes a bell for anyone or if anyone knows what I'm talking about.

See this picture of me & my dad? 

Try not to pay too much attention to how dang cute I was... or how off my lazy eye was. (Am I squinting)... or pay too much attention to how much I have always loved boots.  Honestly, I think I would wear boots in the summer - I have always loved knee high boots...

Anyways, draw your attention above my head to the picture on the wall...

I'm trying to find a copy of it somewhere - or the name of it... SOMETHING about it

I can remember this picture growing up.  It actually scared me - gave me the creeps. 

You obviously cant see it very well, but it is a picture of a city from afar & in the picture, there are people DYING , & you can kinda make it out - lights going up to heaven.  There is like a car accident - with a light coming out of the car going upward... there is a hospital in the background that has MANY lights shooting out of it... just different lights representing life going to Heaven...

What a weird picture - huh?

Can you see why it would give me the creeps as a little child?

But now, I'm dying to see another picture like it to get a better look at it...

See if I'm even remembering it right...

Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about?  Seen anything like it? 

...its possible it may have even been on black velvet... tell me that's not classy :)


  1. But I'd rather talk about the funky lamp or the coasters (?)...

  2. Can you ask someone older who may have been there? Is it at your parent's house?
    I'm on a hunt now to find it! m.

  3. I have no information about this picture....but now I am all intrigued. If you find it, you have to post a pic of it here so we can all discuss its level of creepy.

  4. That can't be at your parent's house. Too much orange, and too little blue. I remember a similar picture from my youth, but I don't think it's the same one.

  5. Well it's obviously a rapture picture - and I think I remember seeing something like it when the rapture was supposed to happen earlier this year. I'll see what I can dig up :)

  6. I think this one is the one I remember seeing - not the same, but similar theme?

  7. You have the most interesting posts! I never know what I'm going to find when I visit! :D
    It does sound a little creepy...did you try to google it?

  8. The thing I find interesting is the "Art" people put on their walls. I remember my grandparents having a rick rack owl in their bathroom. It was HUGE! I always felt it's beedy eyes were staring at me waiting for me to let my guard down so he could eat me.

    That photo you mentioned would have terrified me too. Great way to keep the kids in line though.

  9. Well did you figure it out yet. I tried looking but couldn't find anything.

  10. so cute! haha love it.

    i've never seen that picture. try googling what you described and see if anything pops up?! good luck!


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