Wednesday, November 02, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 1

I'm taking on a challenge - to do 30 days of posts of things I'm thankful for.

& I know we can all say, "Family, friends, grace, love"... blah blah blah... :) 

I am thankful for those things - obviously - but these next 30 days, I'm going to post the day AFTER so I can find out what I'm thankful for that particular day.  Some days, there may be more then one thing - some days, it may be deep & profound  - (You all know I'm so deep & profound... dont laugh), & some days, it may be simple & fun & cute - (You all know I'm fun & cute... right?... right?)

So - without further ado...

Day 1 - November 1:  I'm Thankful the Horse didnt get hit!!!!


OK - so I stopped at the grocery on the way home. In my drive way unloading the loot & have to make a few trips.  On the last trip, I grab my bags out of my car, pull down my hatch back & turn around... to see a horse at the end of my driveway....

I literally turned my head, then did a double take, like , Hu-hu-huh?!?!?!

I had to think if I took some sort of medicine that was making me hallucinate - or if maybe that last Diet Coke was spiked with something.

Nope - a real horse was at my driveway.  Beautiful too - a white horse - exactly something you would think that if you were dreaming, you'd see that kind of horse.

I'm starting to panic because he's right at the end of the road & ventured right into the middle of it. 

Now, I live on top of a hill - either direction, someone could come up the hill & SMASH right into the horse.... so much for dreaming.

I instantly thought WWDD?  What would dad do?  & I'm not talking about my Heavenly Father here... I mean, my earthly dad...he's the horse master afterall.

I run in my garage & got 2 dog leashes & tied them together.  I figure I would try & get close enough to try & wrap around his neck & lead him somewhere.... where?  I dont know... I figure if anything, my dad would get a new horse for Christmas.  Or the grandsons would have a surprise at their door in Texas from Santa.  (How much would it cost to UPS a horse to Texas?)

But I hear a car coming down the road & I am FREAKED OUT!!!!!  I dont eat meat from anything that has 4 legs anyways - I dont want to see it get demolished in front of me either.  So I start running at the horse.  His tail went up & he looked at me & took off the other direction into a field - at least he's safe.

I took a few minutes so he could see I wouldnt chase him anymore & to get him to trust me.  He looked at me & then wandered over to some trees & then jumped over some bushes into a huge clearing... ends up - that was his home.  The house down the street has about 5 acres & its completely tree lined all around - but with fall & the leaves down, the horse found a clearing.

I ended up heading to the house to let them know their horse had found a way out - no one was home though :(

It was funny because as I was walking up their drive ( that was like half a mile long) - the horse ended up galloping to the fence & walked with me up to the house.  He then leaned over the fence the whole time I was knocking on the door like he was telling me "Please dont tell on me" - but I told him I was going to.... in the end, no tattle-telling happened.

When I get home though, I'm going to put a note on their mail box... it doesnt even look like there was ever a fence there so I'm not sure of the situation - but I just dont want to see a smashed horse on the road on my trip home... dead squirrels & raccoons & skunks are bad enough on country roads.

So ta-da... the kick off of things to be thankful for..

told you I'm not conventional! :)


  1. Because November is a loaded month, I am opting to do this not on my blog but on facebook as my status updates.

    So mine will probably be just a list of blah, blah, blah...

  2. Oh my word!! Glad all is OK, and who owns a horse without a fence to keep them contained? Maybe it is behind the house? Either way, I agree...note is a good thing. :)

  3. Now I want a pony for Christmas. I'll take good care of him, promise! I even have an extra litter box in the basement for him to use. I think I'll call him, Princess.
    Obviously, I'll dye his main lavender and pink, duh!

  4. RJ,

    I'm so glad the horse is ok!!

    How do you participate in the 30 Days of Thankfulness? Just post? And I LOVE doing it the next day. I have the most. Perfect thing for yesterday too.

    Love you friend~~Dawn

  5. Wow. I can't even IMAGINE turning around to see that. We live so close to our neighbors we can throw a rock and hit their houses :(

  6. Oh love this...would you mind if i joined in on this on my blog.


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