Friday, November 04, 2011

30 Days of Thanskgiving - Day 3

November 3 - Thankful for a WARRANTY!!!

Remember back in the summer when I complained about being so hot because our air condition wasnt working?  ... (I complain alot, dont I?)

Well, we had to get a whole new unit.  It took awhile but we got it installed & the rest of summer was cozy & cool.

Now, winter is here.

...guess what didnt work?....

Yep - our heater!!!!

So we've had a few people come out to look at it & its led to one thing to another.  Isnt that always the way?

So last night, we thought we had it fixed.  Someone came over... worked on it & next thing I know, I feel the room warming up.


... then, all of a sudden it goes off... ok... the guy was adjusting something... then I hear this "WHOOOOSSSHHHHHH" sound.  And then that smell of a heater reeks through the house.. & the smell of burning.

That cant be good.

The guy felt AWFUL!  Which made Ricky & I feel bad for him... but then we felt bad for us too :(

He ended up connecting something wrong together because he thought it was blowing out too much air at once... & when he connected the wrong wires together, it blew up the unit...

our NEW unit.... sigh....

The poor guy was going to head down to the store at 8:00 pm to check about replacing our unit.  He would have been there until the middle of the night - so we assured him it wasnt horribly cold & we would be fine. 

So today, we'll make sure the unit is covered by warranty, which it should be & the guy is supposed to come back tonight to replace it.

.... why do I have a feeling something else could go wrong?....

But nope, I'm being THANKFUL this month.  & I'm thankful that we have someone coming over tonight - a warranty that should cover the unit & the hope that we'll have heat before it gets horribly cold. 

I'll add that this weekend, its going to be back in the high 60's so no worries of us shivering in our house.  ... looky there, something else to be thankful for - BEAUTIFUL weather.  It just keeps coming!


PS... a few of you have asked if you can do this yourself on your blog - PLEASE, join in.  Its fun to look back on your previous day & find things that your thankful for.  Nice to shift your perspective.  So just leave me a message to let me know you're doing it... & maybe you just want to do a weekly summary?  Whatever you do, let me know.  I'd love to be THANKFUL with you! :)


  1. When I was single, I had to have my furnace all but rebuilt. I probably should have spent a little more on a new one, but...I was thankful I had the money to do so. Now it would be more of a challenge--we'd have to pay it off in time--but knowing we are truly rich compared to the rest of the world helps me be calm about such things.

  2. A warranty really can be a beautiful thing!!

  3. Thank Goodness that heater will be fixed. Because I'm really getting tired of hearing you complain.
    Just kidding! You know I love you.
    Your Friend, m.

  4. So glad it should be covered. I'm looking forward to this beautiful weekend.

  5. i'm glad the warranty will cover it! i have to be warm all the time.. i would DIE if my heater went out! love your face. xoxo


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