Monday, November 14, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 13

November 13 - Thankful for "You Version"

My eyes have turned into old eyes... they dont see as good as they used to.

Plus, our lighting in our church just bites... its AWFUL!

I used to use my iPod & use the "flashlight app" to hold over my Bible to see during church.

Well, the good thing about working with the youth - they let you in on the latest stuff... & they all use this version on their phones - the "You Version Bible App"

I love it because I can make the print bigger & its BRIGHT..

& the coolest thing, with just a touch, you can change versions - which I LOVE to do.  Love parallel Bibles, but those things are MASSIVE to carry around.  Now, its light to carry around & I can check out all kinds of versions with just a touch of a finger...

even "Da Jesus Book" ... seriously - that's a version... I havent check that one out yet :)

Source: via Rebecca on Pinterest


  1. My peepers aren't as good as they used to be, either...join the club! However, I plan to stay in denial for as long as I can get away with it! :) Being able to view the Bible more clearly is just what I need!

  2. I use that app on my iPod and love it.

  3. I LOVE You Version! I love the reading plans they have and that you can change versions. I use it everyday!

  4. I have several Bible apps and I love them. I have this one too.

    Me and My Mr. Winslow are definitely getting the "old eye syndrome" =) In fact, yesterday I got in the car from going into Price Cutter after church and there was my man changing the music on my iPad wearing his very adorable reading glasses. I smiled and told him he was so cute =) He accused me of making fun of him, but I assured him, I most certainly was not. I'm telling you my heart was so full looking at my dear husband, growing older right along beside me =)

    We now use the iPad as our Bible in church. We love it. We can see it because it is lighted, but not all versions let you make the print bigger. I'm gonna have to check that out =)

    Love you girl ~~ Dawn

  5. I'm feeling very out of touch. We have the oldest cell phones known to man and we don't text or tweet or use the internet on them. Love all that you are able to access on your iPod.

  6. Great post.. Have an amazing day..


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