Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 19 & 20

A busy, fun, great weekend....

November 19 - Thankful for STUDIO EXPERIENCE

I got to work with a set of twins to finish up their senior pictures.  They wanted more of a "studio" look for their second appointment.  I am more of a "natural" setting lover & wasnt sure about the studio deal.  But I did recently purchase a portable studio, complete with lights & have purchased some backdrops ... so let's give it a go...

A friend went with me to make the best of the time by changing lights & backdrops & it went so smoothly... & the results?  I was quite happy with them...

November 20 - Thankful for FAMILY VISITS... especially cute grandbabies!!!

Yep - the grandbabies are at my house!  With their mommy & daddy of course - all of who we are thrilled to have!  Especially for the Thanksgiving Holiday.  I just cant believe how big the boys are now.  Luke wasnt walking last time he was at our house... now to see him ZOOM - its quite fun to watch. 

And Isaac?  Full on conversations.  And there's nothing like a conversation with a child!  He was just excited to show his Pappy all his Ironman toys he brought with him.  I wish I could have recordered the seriousness he "presented" all the toys to Ricky. 

Its going to be a fun week....

(& yes, I've already started taking pictures... but just didnt get to upload any yet... believe me & trust me... they'll be coming soon!)


  1. Those are great pictures. I may have to bring my family down sometime and get you to take some of us.

    Hope you have a blast with your family and looking forward to seeing the pictures.

  2. Fantastic! You are so talented.

    And hug up those grandboys!

  3. The pictures are beautiful! Enjoy those grandbabies!!

  4. So what is a portable studio? Is it something you set up in your home? Intrigued.....

    The results.....AMAZING!!! I think you've just taken your photography business to the next level girl!!

    YAY for grand babies and grand babies parents home for Thanksgiving!! You know of my DEEP love for Thanksgiving..... Now I will be smiling all the more knowing you are getting Grandbaby loving.

    Have a Super time!!! I love you friend~~Dawn

  5. Those are great studio shots! I have a portable studio too but since our place is so small, once I take it down, I don't feel like putting it back up and having the kids be around it. So I haven't used it in a year. Oh well! One day, right?

  6. Love the photos and hearing what you're thankful for! :)

  7. Those pics are great - gorgeous girls :)

    I'm glad you're having some grandkid time - your joy just bubbles up & it's contagious!

  8. Yay for grandbabies! Can't wait to see pics!

    Have a great Thanksgiving, Rebecca!

  9. great job on those pictures. they look fantastic!! i don't have grandbabies but i'm so thankful for my little munchkin of a nephew. xoxo

  10. Beautiful pictures, Rebecca!!


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