Friday, November 18, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 17

Yesterday was just BLAH...

Have those days?

It was the kinda day where my shoulder was so painful that I broke down & made an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon...

It was the kinda day where our heat broke.... AGAIN....

It was the kinda day where we had to head to the ER because Ricky was having a panic attack... (we ended up not going in - we just walked around Target, which is a block away from the hospital & he calmed down)

It was just THAT kinda day....

So on some days, this is what I'm t hankful for:

November 17:  Thankful for THE END OF THE DAY!!

Somedays, that's the best thing to be thankful for...

& I was glad for it... to shut my eyes & get the day behind me...

.... & to hopefully start a better day today.


  1. Well, here's hoping today is better already.

    If not, get your hands on a bag of Bugles (my post will explain why...)

  2. "The sun will come out, tomorrow"
    Yeah, I think that little orphan girl had it right!

  3. Oh dear! Sorry you had such a rough day! Praying today is much, much better for you!

  4. Oh I love it when it is time to crawl in bed.. It is even nicer when my babies are asleep then I get to sleep.. Have a great weekend..

  5. I think we've all had days like that. Just keep believing that tomorrow WILL be better than today!

  6. I hope today was an awesome day for you.


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