Tuesday, November 22, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 21

November 21 - Thankful for knowing the difference between a Banana & a Nanny

One of Luke's first words was "nana" for Banana's... he loves them.

So when I get him to say "Nanny" - he just says "nana" & then points to the bananas on the kitchen table.... EVERY TIME...

I even had him back in another room where there were no bananas & when I said, "Say Nanny" - he pointed to the doorway, letting me know the bananas were in the other room.

I've even stood with a banana in my hand, pointing to the "nana" & then to me, the "Nanny" .... Lucas just laughs at me like, "it's so funny that you dont get it"

Last night, we were in the back room & my son in law asked Lucas, "Where's Nanny" - he started to point to the doorway again.... when all of a sudden, Isaac runs in from the other room & points right at me &says, "There she is" .... ahhh.... there's my first grandson... he knows his Nanny

Then it was funny because Lucas laughed like, "my big brother just doesnt get it" :)

By the time they leave on Sunday, I'll be working on this feat of getting Lucas to say NannYYYYYYYY ....

.... or I'll be wearing a banana costume...one or the other


  1. Curse you! I was just about to suggest that you wear a banana costume and then you go and mention it at the end. Leave something for me why don't ya!

  2. LOL - if you are wearing a banana costume then you KNOW we have to see a picture of you in it - right?

  3. Such a sweet story. And what a neat idea to post something to be thankful for everyday of this month of thanksgiving.

  4. how sweet...be sure to come by when you can..


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