Wednesday, November 16, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 15

November 15 - Thankful for HOPE

There are things that happen in life that just shake you up... things that don't seem real.

That happened to Ricky & I on Monday.

Ricky worked with the same people for 25 years... when you work with people for that long, you get to know them fairly well. 

There was one guy in particular that Ricky always chatted with, got along with, just really enjoyed.  They would share each other's frustrations on the job - have lunch together - watch each year pass by as they worked side by side.  Ricky even watched his children come in the business as little ones, & watch them grow as they have become young adults themselves. 

When the business shut down, Ricky & this man stayed in touch.  They formed that kind of friendship.  They still met up for lunch... this man even came to our house to help us out on home projects - clearing out an area of our property - helping us move out our washer & dryer - he was always willing to help Ricky in whatever he needed.

This man was at our home this past Saturday... he & his son came to pick up a truck that Ricky had sold him.  I was out running the race that morning so I missed his visit, but Ricky was talking about how nice it was to see him again & especially the son.  Ricky just really thinks the world of his son...

So when Ricky got a call on Monday morning, it knocked the air out of him.

This man, Sunday, had gone into the basement of his home & had attempted to take his life....

His son found him....

This man is now in the hospital, but is technically brain dead with no reflexes & no brain activity... today will probably be the day they turn off the machines that are breathing for him.

He was just standing in our house a few days ago...

Ricky is just so upset... trying to go back & see if he noticed any signs... anything that he could have made a difference in.  Ricky even said, "I didnt 'knuckle up' with him when he left - I just told him I'll see him later... what if knuckling up to him would have made a difference"... that just breaks my heart for Ricky...

But I just imagine how hopeless this man must have felt to go through what he went through to end his life.  How dark things must be to think that is the best route to take.

So today, I am thankful that I have HOPE... I have things in my life that makes it worth living... even in hurtful, painful times... Hope is still there of brighter days.

....You never realize how big a thing like HOPE is until you see someone who doesnt have it at all....


  1. One of the worst things about suicide, or in this case attempted suicide, is what it does to the survivors.

    I'll pray for your husband. Does he have that HOPE also?

  2. Oh Rebecca! I am so sorry that you all are going through this! Sending lots of big hugs and prayers to you all!

  3. This just breaks my heart, Rebecca! I lost a cousin to suicide several years ago and I'm here to say that those left behind never get over it. Please know that I'm keeping you, Ricky, and the family close in my prayers. You have to have HOPE!

  4. Thank God for the hope He gives, if only we will receive it. What a horrible thing for this family to have to face...sending prayers for healing and for peace.

  5. What a horrible thing. I feel badly that he put his children this. I'll pray for them.
    Your Friend, m.

  6. I'm so sorry for this man's family. I can't imagine their heartbreak. I understand what Ricky is going through we had a good friend take her life 8 years ago Monday. Every year I still think back and wonder what signs we were all missing. What could we have done differently.

  7. oh lady.... i'm so sorry. i know there are no words right now that could probably consul you but i've been in similar situations and all you can do is know that you did the best you could/can. sometimes people are so far gone that nothing would have saved them.

    i know how this feels. i've dealt with suicide in my family, in my friends and with friends of friends. it is never anything easy to go through and there is always the question as to why they would want to do that. unless you have been so depressed you feel like there is no other way to end the terrible feelings you are going through, you truly can never understand.

    i'll pray for his family. again, i'm so sorry for this loss.

  8. Oh my dear RJ,
    I'm so sorry to hear this friend. Such a difficult situation.

    I hold you in my heart and prayers friend.

    Love you hugs to you ~~ Dawn

  9. Oh this is just awful! I too am so thankful for so hope. I pray peace over Ricky, I hope he doesn't blame himself. There are people closer in that man's life that could have noticed something and they didn't either.

  10. Oh, Rebecca, this is so sad!!!! I am so sorry for all of you. :(


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