Tuesday, November 08, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgiving - Day 7

Yesterday was a rough day...

It was Monday... my arm/shoulder is KILLING me worse then ever... my knee is still sore & its not looking good for the race on Saturday... it was just a BLAH day.

I kept thinking, "find something to be thankful for... find something"

Then, while I was working on pictures, my phone is going off saying I was tagged in some pictures on Facebook... It so made me smile & made me laugh & made me go down memory lane...

So, for this yucky Monday,

November 7 - Thankful for old family pictures

My cousin got ahold of some family albums & posted up some pictures.  My mom's side of the family is quite large & there always seemed to be something going on, so lots of picture taking opportunities.

Like my mom with some of her sisters... & yes, that's my mom in blue hair.  Dont think I didnt get my personality just by chance... & that little boy?  He's now in college....  And that little girl?  She's the grown up young lady that posted the pictures.  (When do they grow up?)

Here's one of my senior pictures... oh my... I loved that jacket.  It was Liz Clairbourne & I felt so "fashionista" in it.  My dad just called it my "Century 21 Jacket'... it really was the same color as the realtors jackets in the area. .... I think I needed an oil treatment on that hair.

Here's another one of my  mom with her siblings... there are 10 of them all together so some still missing.  Any family resemblence?

There were even some posted from my wedding... I so laughed at this picture.  This is before the wedding & its me & my youngest step daughter... (look how little she is.. she just turned 23 a few weeks ago! GASP!!!) But dont we look scared to death.  I remember that - it was getting close to start the wedding & I was anxious everytime someone knocked on the door.  I didnt throw up, if anyone was wondering.

And just to go back memory lane a little further - here's me with a few of my cousins.... Yes, I'm the one in glasses. ... Mercy, how we've all grown up....

So yeah.. for a day that started off bad & kept getting worse... it ended with fun family memories & for that, I'm thankful.  Memories are irreplacable.


  1. Two thoughts on this rushed morning, lots of hair and lots of stripes!

  2. Sorry you're feeling so yucky...hope today is a better day.

    What a treasure, to have so many great memories to look back on! This makes me want to dig out some old pics and start scanning!

    LOVE the big hair senior pic; I have several of those, too :) Ahh, the 90's.

  3. Thanks for posting these photos. It almost makes me want to post pictures of myself back from back in the day. Almost!

  4. LOVIN' your yellow jacket!! I'm telling you, seperated at birth =) Yellow = my fav color (well that and green, brown and orange... =) And that hair ~~ I had BIG hair that needed an oil treatment too =)

    And that last picture of you in the glasses, I have one VERY similar. I'm telling you seperated..... =)

    I'm SO sorry you are still struggling so much with your shoulder and knee. Hang in there my sweet friend.

    I love you so ~~ have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  5. So enjoyed your walk down memory lane.

  6. oh yes loved old photos...such fun memories...thanks for sharing some.

  7. I love when I visit my Mom and look through her old pictures of her and us... I hope you are feeling better..

  8. Feel better soon! I completely agree...nothing better than old family photos to make you remember what's really important in life.


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