Saturday, November 05, 2011

30 Days of Thanksgivng - Day 4

November 4 - Thankful for WEDDINGS!!!

The other day, it was about pictures of weddings.  Last night was an actual wedding.

See these two?

(Totally snagged this picture from Andrea's Facebook page... dont think they'll mind showing how cute they are together here :) )

Yeah - they are like the perfect match.  They are both such Godly young people who have amazing hearts for serving God & serving others.  So it's amazing they have joined lives & will tackle the future together.

If that guy looks familiar, you've seen him here on my blog before.  He's the IRONMAN that I took pictures of a few months back. 

I've got a few things I'm thankful for too with the day:

*Thankful the weather cleared up & by wedding time, the sun was SHINING!

*Ricky ended up having to stay home because the guy came to fix our heat (see yesterdays post) so I went to the wedding alone... but there were familiar faces everywhere & I had so much fun chatting with friends I hadnt seen in awhile

*Thankful for JUNK to put in my shoes.  No joke - I kept stepping out of my shoes (not sure why?) so I ended up stuffing them with all sorts of things.  I put band aids in the back of the heel - put gauze bandages under my foot - even stuffed paper towel up at the toe to make my foot tight... it was a mess. I wish I took a picture when I took my shoes off & had all this random stuff stuck to my feet.  .... And the bad thing?  I'm telling everyone what's in my shoes.  I keep nothing hidden apparently.  Someone asked me if I had toys in there too?  Now THAT would have been awesome.  Randomly pull out a toy soldier or something out of my shoe... awesomness!

*And because you have to be thankful for small things - I had a great hair day.  Ladies - y'all know that's a great thing to have.

Here's to seeing what today holds to be thankful for....


  1. Hm...great hair day? Don't think I've had one, but I'm glad you did!


  2. Okay since we girls have a need to share, oh please tell me you took a picture? And do share =)

    Stuffed shoes!!! Heehee you

    I love you friend ~~ Have a Blessed day ~~ Dawn

  3. Great hair day AND an event to go with it? Priceless?!

    Hope you had a warm night with a working furnace last was chilly!

    I have been reading all your posts from work lately, where I am unable to comment :( Just didn't want you to think I've been MIA.


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