Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Breaking the Habit....

its no secret I love my Diet Coke...

Source: via Hayley on Pinterest

& its no secret that people keep telling me how bad it is for you....

I'm not sure what made me cut back... maybe it was the look Ricky gave me when I'd pop another can... but its been 2 weeks now.... & guess what?

drumroll please... I'm down to no more then 2 Diet Cokes a day!!! Some days its 1 can... ONE CAN OF DIET COKE...

That's major for me people!!!!!!

I know you may say, "I thought you were going to say you cut it all out"....

its a slow process....

I only drink one when I wake up... its my coffee... its what wakes me up.

And when I'm at home now on the weekends, I dont drink any during the day.  At work though, I do have one during lunch.... but that's it.

I used to drink about a carton a day.... A DAY PEOPLE!!!! That's a habit.

It's funny because it's almost like I can imagine people with a cigarette. How they have to light another one up immediately?  When I first thought I would cut back, I immediately wanted to hear the pop of another lid as soon as I finished my last drink.   THAT'S when I realized I had a little addiction problem... didnt even think about it till then.

But for 2 weeks now, I've been downing more water & tea then I ever have...

& its not too bad... I think I'm going to be making that change.

My morning Diet Coke isnt even tasting that great to me anymore.

Could it be?  The end of a era?

... all I have to say is, with all this water?  I never knew I could pee so much... you're welcome for that info


  1. I gave up sodas over a year ago and I guzzle water all day long. I know I made the right decision...sounds like you're on your way, too! Keep it up, girl!

  2. You're my inspiration! My Diet Coke is my coffee, too. If I could get it down to just that.

    So are you doing anything special with all the money you're not spending on Diet Coke anymore?

  3. I was about to say something completely wrong and then you threw me off at the end. Not the image that I wanted to leave with.
    Congrats on 1 can a day.

  4. well done. i always say if the cigarettes don't get my lungs the diet pepsi will get my kidneys or the alcohol will get my liver. i'm a goner whichever way i look at it.

    hope you can keep it up!! xoxo

  5. This is awesome too! I gave up pop some time ago. Hardly ever touch the stuff. Water and tea for me. Keep up the good work.

  6. WOO-HOO! Wonder if not drinking diet coke will make you run faster? ;)


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