Thursday, December 08, 2011

Tasting new things...

We live away from anything convenient...

except if you want to smell cow poo... that's convenient...

or seeing dead deer in the back of trucks... that's always fun to see

Living in a country atmosphere does have its advantages, but when you grow up in the city & anything you want is 5 minutes away, its an adjustment.

We have a Tumbleweed that is 10 minutes down the road... the only big restaurant that is near... so needless to say, we eat there .... a LOT....

...good thing we like it.

But lately, I've been on a mission to try new things. 

Know how you go to places you eat & you almost dont even look at a menu?  You already know what you like, & you get the same thing over & over.  That's what I'd do at Tumbleweed.  Ricky always gets the enchilada dinner, with chili as a side... the waitress/waiter even knows us well enough that she just says, "the usual?" to him... that just explain the whole thing in a nut shell.

But I'm doing it.. trying new things... I got a pasta dish there (at a Mexican place?)... & it was actually really good.

I'm finding all kinds of new things that are even tastier then I expected...  & better then the usual things I always order.

I ran across this scripture the other day in my study & it made me think exactly of this situation:

Taste & see the Lord is good
-Psalm 34:8

Dont we sometimes get caught up in the 'everyday' of every day?  And we dont take things to God that we should ... well, because we normally dont.  We keep to our daily 'menu' of things & dont include God in things that we dont normally call His help or blessing on.

So today, try something new.... talk to God more... ask Him to bless someone you never pray for... ask for His guidance in a situation you think you've got control over...

Taste & see...


I just looked up the Message version & had to post it because it even has the word "run" in it... oh yeah baby... see?  I just tasted something new with looking up this version :)

Open your mouth & taste...
open your eyes & see how good God is. 
Blessed are you who RUN to him.
-Psalm 34:8 (The Message)


  1. I am a guilty creature of habit. Same things at restaurants...same order of how I get ready in the morning...I could eat the same thing for lunch for a month and probaly won't fuss much.

    But I too, am trying to do new things and see things differently. Just a good reminder today to do that. :)

  2. Yet another insightful "Rebecca lesson"...thanks, friend!

  3. I'm with April..."Rebecca lessons" are the best. You have a way of taking God's words and putting them together in a lesson I can understand and relate to. You have a gift, girl.

    Habits make us feel secure; going out on a limb and trying new things is scary. What a great inspiration for the day!

  4. Good thought and very well said Rebecca.


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