Friday, December 09, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its baaaacccckkkkk.... I didnt realize I havent done Friday Fragments in awhile... but the Thanksgiving posts of November put it on hold... & I never knew some of you would miss my "Spat of the week" so much :)  ... I actually love that you all enjoy mine & Ricky's spats... its what we contribute to the world. So without further ado, let's Frag away again...
So I am done with one person for Christmas shopping... one... I have (no joke) 32 more people on the list... I'm in trouble!  Especially because there are only 2 weekends left... & in these 2 weekends, I have 3 Christmas parties, a wedding reception, a Christmas Program to sing in, the youth programs, a family get-together.... I am ready for my Christmas Nervous Breakdown.  Tis the Season

& by the way, what do you get for your boss?  The man who literally has everything & can buy whatever he wants? Seriously?  I need thoughts....


Nope, my bicep tendon hasnt ruptured yet... but I was sitting with a youth kiddo in church Sunday & my shoulder POPPED so loud!  She snapped her neck to look at me & said, "Did it just rupture?" ... I thought my whole arm ruptured with that noise, but alas... everything is still holding TIGHT...

How sweet is this?  My buddy, Ryan's new wife offered to do all my Christmas wrapping for me to help out with my arm.  Isnt that the sweetest thing ever?  It actually made me tear up that someone even thought of that to offer to me.... now, if only I had present to wrap (see Frag #1)

I did get to take a few hours & take a little girl's pictures for her first Christmas... is this the cutest little face?  And its crazy because she looks just like her dad!.... He always eats the fur off Santa hats too...

I also had 2 little helpers taking these pictures :)  My nieces were all about helping out & standing behind me with rattles & things to grab her attention.  I told them I needed to hire them to go on shoots with me more often.


I never started watching X-Factor... am I missing out on something?  I hear there are death threats happening.  Wow... but I am giddy for more Stephen Tyler with the start of American Idol coming up....

& what's up with the rumor Ryan Seacrest could be taking over for Matt Lauer.  Really?  I dont see Ryan Seacrest sitting down with leaders of other countries.  Unless he's giving them news they've been voted out of power.

Spat of the Week:  Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer .... oh, its Christmas time.  The time of stress... I have so many spats to choose from here.  But this was definitely the most entertaining... & the one I was right about.  While we were out shopping last week for Christmas tree decorations, I started singing "Silver & Gold"... then asked Ricky, "Know who sings that?" - fyi, we always give pop quizzes on songs & singers.  We'd be ready for Rock & Roll Jeopardy on VH1 at the drop of a hat!  But Ricky said, "your dad sings it"... now, my dad does look like Cornelius from Rudolph & I was confused that he really didnt know this.  Cue the spat... I told him its the snowman, aka Burl Ives that sings it & Ricky went on to do a horrible impression of Cornelius saying "I found silver & gold"... I reminded Ricky it was the worse part of the show as a child - the snowman singing this song that no one cared about.  A kid doesnt care about anything unless you can bounce it, throw it, or eat it... & you cant do that for silver or gold.  This argument went on until we could get home  & solve it with the help of wonderful You-Tube... I just love being right... but Ricky still claims he was right since Cornelius DOES technically talk about silver & gold... no one can say we arent a stubborn folk.

Source: via Lacey on Pinterest

See the resemblance?


I weigh myself once a week... & on the days that I weight, after I get that number, it feels like a 'free eat day' .. afterall, I have a full week until I have to weigh again.  Probably defeats the purpose, but its the games I play with myself that keeps life fun.

Well, hope you all have a FANTASTIC FRIDAY!!!!


  1. My boss is getting a Dilbert calendar :)

    I also do the "eat free" thing on my weigh-in day. Except yesterday was OUT. OF. CONTROL. Sheesh. I should show some restraint...

  2. That little baby is a sweetheart. The first photo is just too much! The next time that you watch Rudolph, watch closely and pay attention to see how mean Santa is. He basically scolds Rudolph's father for having a freak as a son. Seriously, I'm not messing with you. He's down right mean.
    Have a good weekend!

  3. That little girl resembles my little Yaya when she was younger. I can't believe how similar they look!

    Love that you think your dad looks like Cornelius. Too funny! How does he feel about this?

  4. Yep, I do the free thing too, well that is when I'm actually really dieting. Lately, all days have been free.....gotta get going again.

  5. Would she come to MO and wrap for me? I am finding wrapping a challenge with the whole rib thing..... CRAZY!!! Let me know what she says. =) glad "Spat of the Week" is back!! Thought I was gonna have to make one in my head for you two and send it to you, so you could spat about my made-up spat and post it. I've.missed.SOTW. =)

    I weigh more often than that. If I had a free day everytime I weighed I'd be in BIG trouble =)

    I love you friend ~~ have a Blessed weekend ~~ Dawn

  6. 32 people to buy presents! Girl, I'd be stressing so much, but I know you'll get it all done! Love your gorgeous pictures, as always!

  7. Please hurry and buy something for your wrapper to wrap!!!

    Your photographs are BEAUTIFUL!

  8. Those kids are absolutely precious!!!!!

  9. What beautiful photos! Although it does alway help to have gorgeous little models to photograph. Believe it or not I haven't even bought one gift yet. I think I'm in denial...

  10. I do Eat Free day too. That little girl is adorable and so are your nieces and wow you buy gifts for a lot of people!!! I buy for 5 haha.. and I'm good with that! Good luck with all that shopping!

  11. Those pictures are beautiful!!!! Let's see present for the boss - well, if I were the boss, I would like a plate of homemade treats. If that's not your thing, then a gift basket or pointsettia. It's not about the cost of the gift though, it's that you thought of him/her.

  12. Just stopping in to say Hi!! Merry Christmas.



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