Friday, December 23, 2011

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Its the Friday before Christmas.... it bad to say I'm still in denial?  I have made progress though.  Only need to stop & get about 5 more things & I'm done... fingers crossed they let us out of work half a day today so I can finish them up without Ricky... mainly because the 5 things involve him.  I'll figure it out... until then, let's frag...

Its always so weird around the office this time of year.  Half the office takes their vacation now, so I am the one doing 4 things at once to keep things caught up.  It makes me exhausted & ready for my own vacation after everyone gets back. 


Are you going to have a White Christmas where you're at?  Around here?  We're looking at 50 degree, sunny weather all week long.  I know people are upset about it... they want the cold & white stuff for the Holiday.  Me?  I'm giddy.  I told Ricky, I can run every day this week, outside... in shorts!  That's actually a big thing for me because I'm loosing my "runners tan", which is the outline of my shorts on my legs.  My legs NEVER tan & to see the tan line disappearing, its been a tad depressing.... solar rays?  Attack my legs this week please.


I just saw where Walgreens, the Family Dollar & McDonalds are open around here on Christmas Day.... really?  We live in a country where we cant live without a Big Mag for 24 hours?  That just blew my mind...


CUTE ALERT!!!!! ... I was talking to Madi (my 7 yr old niece) on the phone the other day.  I asked her what she wanted from Santa.  She told me she didnt tell him, but she told Charlie, which is their puggle dog.  I asked what that was & she said, "I want Santa to get Charlie fit, because he's getting too fat" .... isnt that the cutest thing?  I just hope she doesnt bring my name up in that same kinda sentence....


I cant tell you how many times I've misspelled "Santa" as "Satan".... my Scrabble mind is always at work, I guess.


Here's the picture of the grandbabies in Texas with Santa....

Isnt Isaac's face the cutest?  Julie said he told her he was wasnt shy anymore & jumped up in Santa's lap... guess he showed her :)  Then she said he kept whispering in Santa's ear "Iron man toys"... the funny thing is, that's exactly what Ricky did too! :)


SPAT OF THE WEEK:  The Wrapping Station .... My kitchen has been destroyed the past few weeks.  I just wrap as I go, so I leave out the wrapping paper, tape, name tags, ribbon, pens, markers... geez!!!! Why is there so much stuff to wrapping a gift?  See why I dont put it all up after wrapping a gift?  Needless to say, my counter just stays "the wrapping central station" until Dec 25.  So I'm wrapping presents when Ricky comes home from work... & puts his keys & wallet, right in the space where I have to roll out the paper.  OK... I was nice about it at first. "Sweetie, can you move your keys, I need this area"... he was nice about it at first too, moving them.  I wrap a gift.  I turn around & what's there?  A 64 oz cup of tea.... Ricky laid it down in that space again.  "Sweetieeeeee, can you move your tea, I need this area".... he moved it.... wrapped another gift.  Turned around & there was a knife & flashlight there.... "swweeeettttiiiiee" - by this time, I'm saying it through a gritted teeth smile.  Honestly - I thought he was joking because EVERY TIME I turned around, there would be something there.  A few gift cards, a bag of chips... & get this... literally, his socks he found in the back yard that Sydney had taken through the doggie door.

I gave up... I'll finish wrapping when he sleeps tonight....


My dad sent me this picture... I wish I could find a way to put it on Ricky's birthday cake tomorrow...

it'd probably be the next "spat of the week" though if I did


I know a lot of you are going to be missing from Blog-World with all the Holiday-Happenings... so if you dont stop back by before then... MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!

... & Happy Friday! :)


  1. Greetings from Texas....
    I love the family portrait of the sweet ones. Their smiles are contagious.

    Oh and I also love the innocence of the youthful...that about getting fit is too darned cute.

    And yes, I know that it will all work out and your five things will be accomplished. Soon, tho...right? Time's running short.

    Friday Fragments

    ....and may I add my wish for you:

    Happy Christmas and Merry New Year!!!

  2. I love the Spider Man cartoon! Wishing you a happy Christmas!

  3. Walgreen's is always open around here on Christmas, and that was good when a 2-year-old Mac got sick. But the other places? Yikes!

    It's not 50 here, but it's been warmer. I am okay without snow, we'll get some eventually.

    I've been exercising often over the past two weeks, but not much running. I don't know that I can strengthen my shins enough to avoid splints. Working on that by jumping rope on concrete with my shin sleeves on...

  4. I never saw the Satan in Santa. But I have seen the rapist in therapist.

  5. Yes, We're having a white Christmas right now!! It's so exciting since I am in Texas!! I know it's not technically Christmas but this never happens so it's close enough!!

    I am glad to know I am not the only one that keeps all the gift wrapping stuff out!! It's just so much easier that way!! Speaking of wrapping, I really should get on that today, since I SNOWED in!!

  6. Listen, after my (3) glasses of Merlot, I can barely focus. I'm sure you said something funny in your post and somewhere along the line there was a cute kid named Isacc, but to tell you the truth, the father looked pretty cute too.
    I just noticed that you have 5 more Followers than I do. I think I'll make it my personal goal to outdo you in the next month. I have a little competitive issues thingy.
    Wait, where was I? I don't know.
    Listen, if I don't hear from you, I wish you the very best Christmas ever.
    I'm so happy that I met you this year. You've inspired me to improve on my photography.
    Your Friend, m.


    I hope it is beautiful and SO BLESSED for you and Ricky and your families.....

    I love you girl ~~. Dawn

  8. Merry Christmas to you guys! And I , too, have done the "Santa" "Satan" thing!! ha!


  9. You are so kind to start off your sentence to your husband with "sweetie"! I would have put a post it note in that spot that said "Put anything here and you're losing an eye!" and then a big smiley face. LOL Ahhh yes, I'm full of Christmas spirit! lol

  10. loved reading your post it provided many chuckles I have a job where I will be working tommorow with all the office and supervisors off celebrating merry christmas
    come see my post at

  11. In his defense, it your house is anything like my house this week, was there any other empty space to put that stuff?haha

    That is a pretty real-looking Santa. Very cute.

    It's been unseasonably-warm here, too, but it did snow on Christmas eve. It's melted now, but that was really sweet.

    Merry (late) Christmas!!


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