Thursday, December 15, 2011

30 minutes....

OK... this LOOKS like its long when you see the time on the video,

but its really cool

Full of some neat information, that you may or may not want to hear...

& its just plain neat to watch the video with the sketching

So sit back & take a little time to learn something that will help you in the long run...


  1. Over 9 minutes of video! Seriously? It took me 4 visits to get through this post today. Sorry for the lateness. But you are one blog, regardless of the matter, that I must visit daily. Don't tell the others.
    Okay, here's what I'm think. I wonder if I should walk to work every morning and then back home. It's about 1.5 miles from the house. That's right, my commute is 5 minutes. But usually, I'm rushing in the morning organizing four kids. If I left at 7:30, I could be there by 8. Your thoughts? By the way, after my decluttering challenge, my next challenge is to lose 30lbs.

  2. Sorry a bit late in commenting! This was a VERY cool video :-) It is a bit long, but I think that for all the information in there, you're getting your 9+ minutes' worth. Thanks for sharing!


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