Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Vincent Christmas 2011 ... part 1

I cant believe its that time of year again... Christmas time...

The up side of it - getting to spend time with family.

We always do Christmas with Ricky's family the Sunday before Christmas.  I'm so glad that Ricky's sister, Pam, started this tradition.  We used to not see everyone & it was sad to miss this side of the family.  Problem is solved now... & as you can see, we all got together again this year...

(Thank goodness for timers on cameras... only way I was in a picture... I dont mind being behind it for one moment though)

We started off with an AMAZING dinner... Pam outdoes herself every year taking it all on herself.  And I dont consider it Christmas until I eat this dish she makes... I dont even know the name of it.  But it has strawberries & pretzels in it.. & its sweet... & I think angels kiss it & its directly from Heaven.  I'm believing that so I can also imagine it doesnt have any calories in it... especially because I had 3 servings of it!

It was time to open some gifts.  Pam gave each of her brothers & sisters a package that held a beautiful box.  Inside of each box was a letter she took the time to write to each one of her siblings.  It was the most special gift I think anyone has ever given Ricky... Here's the picture of him reading it... for the 3rd time... he couldnt get enough of it.  What a beautiful reminder that Christmas is best when its from the heart....

While everyone was reading their letters, Maggie was talking & I caught this picture... I love it... with Pam listening to her mom... Pam is the first of Maggie's babies... but you know no matter how old you get, you're still listening to what your mom has to say :)

It was time to start opening the presents under the tree....

Here is my brother in law, Jason... there is a huge UK/UL rivalry in this family.  Ricky & his sister are the only UK fans... everyone else cheers for the Cardinals.  Last year, Ricky gave Jason as a joke, a UK clock... so this year, see that smirk?  Jason wrapped up a UL Sweatshirt.... I can only imagine what next year will be.  Ricky will probably get the actual Wildcat Mascot outfit to give to Jason :)

Here are some snapshots of the family just enjoying Christmas....

My beautiful Sister in Law, Melissa... she's the baby of the family....& I can talk with her for hours... & laugh & laugh... & then laugh some more.  When Ricky & I met, she was just a teenager in high school... amazing to have watched her grow up into a pretty fantastic woman.

Pam's husband, Doug... Jason & Melissa got him this gift.  A hummingbird feeder made out of a Bud Light bottle.  Can you say "PERFECT GIFT"????... so Doug.  Let me tell you - if you ever meet Doug, you're going to love him.  I can sit in a room & he not say anything & he can make me laugh... not intending to... that's what makes him so funny.

Here is Maggie... my mother in law... checking out all her presents... I just loved the light shining on the side of her face... she's not a fan of the camera, so when I can snag a picture of her, I love to do it.  Then she yells at me... but she still loves me... I hope.  Cause I love her :)

Here's Ricky & Pam digging into the wrapping....

Here's yet ANOTHER Sister in law... you cant tell me I'm not blessed :)  I never had a sister growing up & then I get all these sisters through marriage?  Pretty cool.  Sherry & Ricky grew up together being closer in age then the others, so can you say "Sibling Rivalry"?  Because look it up in the dictionary & there will be Sherry & Ricky's picture :)  They have fun with each other though with all the teasing... that's the law of brothers & sisters, right?

We were just having a flipping fantastic time....

This is my niece Alexis who was perfecting her back bends.... Its not Christmas unless someone is standing on their head....

Since I dont want to overload you with too much at one time, I'll just break it up into 2 days...

Come back tomorrow to check out the pictures I took of the family together & the surprise they had for Ricky :)

.... I love "to be continued" posts....


  1. This post made me smile! What a wonderful family. I especially like the idea of the letters; such a great gift of the heart.

    And although you do have all of these sisters-in-law, Michelle and I are still inviting you to be our honorary sister (we are even trying to coordinate a trip to meet up with you next summer; wouldn't that be fun?!)

  2. Love the photo of your husband with his letter. I love it from a family standpoint and a lighting standpoint.

    Hm, do I have time to write those letters to my brothers?

    I have always known that when Mac gets married, Christmas will be whenever we can get together. He has gone to school in the UK and in Louisiana, so there's no guarantee he'll get married and live right here.

    I also know some families are steeped in tradition, and I have vowed to not get in the way of those that might belong to my future daughter-in-law's, instead, we'll create our own together. And perhaps she'll have the gift of taking good photos, like yours.

  3. Looking forward to part 2!

    I love all the photos--including the family photo!

    And don't worry...my mother in law hates pictures too, yells at me for taking them, and then in the next breath she's hugging me a kissing my cheek. I think it's a mom-in-law thing.

  4. Great photos! And I'm glad you got that one of Maggie. It's a classic photos and I'm sure she should be happy with it.
    Looks like lots of fun.

  5. amazing pictures and stories to go along..

  6. that is a priceless picture of ricky. it is true, the best presents come from the heart.

    love you gorgeous lady! xoxo

  7. Priceless picture of Ricky reading his letter...frame-worthy, in fact...perhaps as a gift to his sister.


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