Tuesday, December 06, 2011

"When are you going to stop?"

I just registered for another Half Marathon...

It will be my 4th year in a row doing the Kentucky Derby miniMarathon...

I told Ricky that I registered & he just laughed & shook his head.

Then he asked me, "When are you going to stop?"
I asked him what he was talking about & he said, "When are you going to have enough?  What's your goal?  When are you going to be happy with what you've done & just stop doing these big races?"

....I'd never thought about it...

And then I felt like a runner... I knew that I'd keep running as long as I could.  No goal in mind - just the enjoyment & the accomplishment of running & the races. 

I've got running buddies that are in their 50's & even their 60's & THAT's my goal...

... to be still enjoying moving my body with every age that passes

I love this picture & I told Ricky that THIS is the answer to his question :)

By the way, here are the pictures from the last race I did with my poor, achy knee.

Its kinda hard to make out with the words, but I still need to purchase the pictures.

I dont normally buy them because 1. they are so dang expensive!!! ... & 2. because they are usually horrible, nasty, depressing looking pictures.

But I like these race pictures because I know the pain I was in but made it through anyways.  So this finish line picture represents so much more to me then a race.  Its a reminder of strength I have within me....

(My head is down because I'm totally crying coming up to the finish line... poor little knees)

This is the after race picture...

the tears dried up fast when I got that medal... all smiles then!

I'm holding up 4 fingers for my 4th Half Marathon...

I should have known better then to stand straight forward to the camera though... horrible angle.. adds 10 lbs...

Note:  always angle your  body in a picture, it slims you & always looks better... remember this picture for your example on how NOT to stand... but after 13.1 miles, its just good I'm standing!

I believe more & more each day I'm really a runner :)


  1. There are runners who never run races. There are runners who run for races.

    I think he's worried about what it's doing on your body, like my husband, attributing every ache and pain on it--the running.

    Perhaps it takes time away from him? Perhaps it makes him lonely?

    I'm not near where you are, but I want to be a runner. Wanting to be a teacher, wife, and sleeper (!) get in the way right now...

  2. I love living through you as you run. I tried running (remember my couch to 5K attempt? Pitiful!).

    But you have such a passion for it and it is a part of you. It makes up who you are!!


  3. You are DEFINITELY a runner! You were a big motivation for me to run my first half. Think about how inspiring that is. I love your perseverance and your "never stop" attitude. You are amazing my friend! xox

  4. Girl, you are one inspirational person! I say GO FOR IT for as long as you've got it...and you definitely do! Ain't no stopping you now! :)

  5. You are so strong!!!!

    I wish I were a runner, I always seem to have pain in my foot after everytime I try to start running :/ I need to stick with dancing workouts like Zumba! haha

    I love the pictures!!! and what they symbolize!!! :d Congrats girl, keep it up!!!

  6. I am not a runner, but you inspire me when I read your posts about running. Almost makes me want to run. No really, it makes me want to get back to my walking regularly. That's more my speed and I really miss it, but I just can't seem to get back in the groove. But I know I will one day.

  7. I need to meet you in real life.
    Your Friend, m.

  8. Wow, If my husband had asked me that question to whatever it was he was asking about (I'm not a runner though)...I would have perked right up as that would be his way of saying - we are not spending enough us time together. Could that be what he was trying to say in a round about way? I know my husband tends to say so much without directly saying so much.

    I tell ya, I interned years ago with a osteo MD & he was harsh on runners. I mean HARSH. He showed yall no love. I remember him telling this one lady that unless she was shaped like a pencil line thin (which he drew on a piece of paper for emphasis) - then he said she had no business running. Then he went on to explain how joints, etc can take just so much & what a gloomy future her bones & joints will succumb to in her case. It sure stuck with me as I never became a runner after that internship (& I also knew that wasn't the profession for me either LOL)

  9. Girlfriend,
    I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I still consider myself a runner. Crazy right?

    I LOVE these pics!!

    I've been thinking about you so much and that shoulder of yours. Has your bi-cep ruptured yet? (Extremely CRAZY question for me to ask ~~ my husband had never even heard of that.....) anyway..... today I go to the Chiropractor for my back, shoulder, neck, arm.....not sure what is causing it, but I'm having some crazy tingling issues and it's getting worse. yuck. I'm sorry you've been having so many issues, because I know this is no where near your pain level and this is stinky.

    Love you friend ~~ I know, a book =)
    Love you ~~ Dawn

  10. congrats lady! i could never be a runner. i hate running. never have been able to get into it. you are an inspiration. love your face. xoxo

  11. That's awesome! You keep running girl.


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