Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Vincent Christmas 2011 ... part 2 last we left off, we just finished opening presents...

I got my first UK Sweatshirt.  I need to get a picture of me in it.  Ricky considers me the official "Biggest Jinx of UK" so I'm not allowed to have anything UK.  Well - a big HA goes to him, because I got a UK sweatshirt AND a UK headband to run in... oh yeah... I'll be decked out in my blue :)

After settling down from the presents, we were all craving some sweet stuff... I had no idea, but they wanted to surprise Ricky for his birthday.  He turns 50 on Christmas Eve.... so they kept him occupied in one room & got the candles in the cake.  Then to call him in....

He saw the candles & everyone in the corner of the kitchen & BOLTED out... no picture except for a blur :)  But everyone signed a card & he had a great time reading all the digging & support of turning into an "old man" ...

I love this picture ... even though its not focused on Ricky reading his card, but his brother, I just am glad to see that smile.  Michael was in the hospital a few days before & had been in for a little over a week.  We were worried about him & his health... praying for complete healing... can you all do our family a favor & just lift up a prayer for Michael?  Thank you.... & appreciate it :)

Then with all the family around... & me having a camera... it was time to take some family pictures...

Here is Melissa & her husband, Jason... they got married young & still are just like the same couple they were on the day they got married...

... well, maybe not the same couple... they added to their family :)

Here are their kiddos... Austin & Alexis...I am seriously amazed when I see how big they are getting.  Austin is about equal in height, if not a tad taller then Ricky.  I remember holding him in the hospital when he was born.  He is seriously the sweetest young man I know... anyone with daughters?  This is the guy you want dating her.  And Alexis?  They call her "Little Ricky" because she has no fear of anything... & always getting into something :) ... doesnt she look just like her daddy though?

And here are the Vincent Boys... Again, I'm just glad we had Michael there celebrating the Holidays with the family.... & I just love this picture of my handsome husband.  His eyes look so green here... Ricky is ever the big brother.  Not showing much "affection" to his brother, but loves him more then anything & worries about him.  Aren't men funny?

And the Sisters of the family....

I A-DORRRRR-EEEEEEE this picture.  I had so many to choose from.  A few serious ones where they were looking at me with good "posed" smiles... but then they got giggling... then full out laughing & I just kept clicking... I loved this one best of all.... Pam (the one on the left) was making everyone crack up.  Look at her face.  She had us all in tears... it was a wonder I had ANYTHING in focus.  But I can just look at Melissa & Sherry's faces & start to laugh again. 

There's just nothing like REAL laughter, is there?

Put the momma in there, even though she hated it & kept refusing to look at the camera... but when you just keep snapping away, you actually can grab a picture of her looking at me :)  SUCCESS!

So glad to spend the Holidays together.... Bill, Ricky's dad who passed away in 1990 would love to see the family still together, laughing & loving....

And because I was behind the camera for all but one picture, here's how I am adding myself into the mix....

Merry Christmas from the Vincent Family....

...& yep, there will be more pictures of Christmas to come... Christmas with my nieces is still yet to happen :) Happy Days still ahead.


  1. Such wonderful family pictures and I love the pic of you in the ornament. Great idea!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and I prayed for Michael.

  2. Wonderful Family photos! That Melissa and Jason look like they just got out of Highschool themselves. I'll have what they're drinking. I want to look 19 again!
    Your Friend, m.

  3. Happy Birthday to Ricky! :)

    I love the photo fo you in the ornament! CUTE!!

  4. Hello my friend. Merry Christmas. I love your family photos. All of them exude such warmth and love. I am totally envious of that sister's picture. What a wonderful gift for them next year or for birthdays.

  5. Beautiful shots, Rebecca. You sure are getting good at this photography stuff :)


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