Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Some Christmas Pics...

So I've just done a little bit of decorating at a time...

Here are just a few pictures of our new tree.

We got a new entertainment center & our old tree was fat... wide at the base.  We went ahead & got a skinny tree & I love the way it looks in the corner, next to the entertainment center.

Yes, we still do Disney... everything Disney... except our Nativity Set.  Do they make a Disney Nativity?  I need to go check that out now.

Here are just a tiny example of some of our ornaments...

Love the "unusual" Disney ornaments of characters you dont see very often

We have a massive Disney collection.

I even had a whole Beauty & the Beast Christmas tree one time ... in addition to our Disney tree... so you can imagine just the ornaments I have of Belle & her friends :)

We have a whole series of different Disney characters as Angels ... ahhh

Isnt the Lady & the Tramp cute?  A Christmas Tree on our Christmas tree.
 See that Mickey Belle?  We have those all over our tree... its a set with Minnie, Pluto & Goofy... we have like 4 sets of them on the tree... the lights reflect so beautifull off those red bells

Mickey is just everywhere....
This is one of our favorites just because he's ROLLER SKATING!!! :)

But yep... this is always in the middle of our tree...

We know that Christmas is more then Mickey Mouse & all the other Disney characters...

Its about Jesus... & we celebrate His birthday every year :)

I'm sure I'll have more pictures as Christmas gets closer & closer...


  1. Don't you think you can tell a lot about a person from what they have on their Christmas tree?! Too funny! Love the pics and love the tree! XOXO

  2. My kids would love all of the Disney! Pocahontas was one of my favorites, especially the music! Isabel even danced to "Colors of the Wind" for a recital once...

  3. I'm totally diggin' your slim tree...Disney decorations and all! The last picture you showed sums it up perfectly!

  4. I don't think I care for how you discriminate against "full-bodied" trees. It could be glandular, you know!
    But I am diggin' your Victoria's Secret Model tree. She's lovely.
    Your Friend, m.

  5. We, too, got a "skinny tree". Our old tree (it was probably 15 years old, if not older!) is still perfectly fine, but it takes up way too much room.

  6. I love your skinny tree complete with all things Disney. So cute!!!

    Have a fun-filled day off ( yes saw that on FB :). Love you friend ~~ Dawn

  7. I really like your slim tree...I think the next time I need to by a tree it will be the slim kind. So pretty!!

  8. I want a whole Beauty and the Beast tree!! How awesome would that be?

    Love the skinny tree. Very pretty.

  9. so cute! love your tree. xoxo


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