Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Think I need to ask Santa...

Do I look like a thief?

I think Bruno even thinks I'm a thief....
Got this picture snapped of me when I was heading out to run.

I have to wear sun glasses, even though it gets dark early because my eyes water so much with the cold & then they are so dry afterwards.

But Ricky gets mad at me for wearing all this black...

especially when the sun is set by the time I get home...

But black is sliming! :)

Think I need to ask Santa for some reflective gear?


  1. Girl, you look fantastic!! but def ask for some reflective gear.

    We had an incident where a professor from our local college was walking at night and was at a crosswalk. it was rainy and the car didn't see him. very sad :-( This just happened a few weeks ago.

    Please stay safe so I don't have to add you to my worry list :D

  2. Yeah...a little reflective gear might not be a bad thing. I've come close a time or two to taking out a few runners after dark because they weren't wearing any. 'Bout scared me half to death! Might better to be safe than sorry. You look smashing, by the way!

  3. Just add some reflective tape to the gear you already have. That stuff is amazing!

    You LOOK AMAZING! You don't even need black to look slim, girl!


  4. Yep, I agree with the other posters. Definitely get some reflective tape or something so you don't get hit. But other than that...you look great!

  5. Well, the SHOES aren't very burglar-like :) - but yes, an orange vest or something. It's really scary to be driving along & suddenly realize there's a person there!

  6. LOL!! was your dog barking at you in the picture? We'd all like to keep you alive, so yes...protective gear from Santa!!!

  7. If you had a bag slung over your shoulder then yes, you would look like a thief! Maybe some reflective tape would be a good addition, though :-)


    And PLEASE, PLEASE PLEASE get some reflective gear.
    I'm with Ricky on this one. Is this a spat of the week material? :)

    Love you girl :~~. Dawn

  9. I have a neato band that flashes because my running gear just happened to be all black, too.

    When I used to run outside that is.

    Yes you MUST get some reflective gear. I drive through a poor section of my town each night, and there are many people walking--and I barely see them. If one were to jaywalk, I'd hit him. It is a worry.

    You cannot be seen. Please, be seen.


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