Friday, June 14, 2013

Friday Fragments... I must be chatty today

Unknown Mami

Friday... YES!
I'm sitting here with my head killing me from, guess?
Yes - more bug spray!
Goodness gracious - will the insanity ever end in my office?
I still feel like I have bugs crawling up my leg & rummaging through my hair
Anyone else have to work in those conditions?
So my back is on full force pain again
Could be because I've ran 3 days this week?
Am I gluten for punishment?
I just think its gotta be worse on your body to NOT work out
Not to mention, if I don't work out, I'll turn into a blob
literally & figuratively
& by figuratively, I mean literally
(wow... that's some thinking right there)
With my back pain, I have to sleep with my pillow in between my legs
(no more sleeping on my belly, which makes me very sad)
I woke up this morning & saw this...
I'm convinced Bruno has back pain now & is trying to put his stuffed animal in between his legs...
Father's Day is this weekend!
Get to celebrate dad's!
My poor daddy is having back pains right now too....
what the heck is going on in my family?
My mom has recently gone 3 weeks in a row for shots in her back for pain as well!
Is it contagious?
We're going to celebrate Father's Day by seeing who can moan & groan the loudest getting out of a chair!
Good times!
I can't live without my NutriBullet now
Every morning, it's making me some yummy breakfast
& this morning, I think I found my favorite combo
1 cup of spinach, half a banana, 1/2 cup strawberries & 1 cup of pineapple - add in my vanilla protein powder...
OH WOW... it was like a tropical drink
& such a pretty light green color too :)
Anyone else excited about Man of Steel?

I just love Superman things... because if you listen closely to words said, there is so much to catch on that references so well to Jesus.
There's a book out about that - how the people who originally came up with the idea did it for purposes of tying in Christianity with a 'modern day' twist.  I wish I could think of the name... its on my book shelf at home.
But I just saw this article called "Man of Steel - filled with Jesus, Christianity references" ... see?  I want to see it even more now!
(I swear, I feel like bugs are crawling up my arms now)
I have to laugh at those new Zesty Italian salad dressing commercials
... but look...
the advertising is working because I remember the salad dressing!
When I was home 2 weeks ago, Kelly Ripa is obsessed with the "Zesty" guy & they surprised her by having him on the show...
It was quite funny
(Its actually hard to find a picture of this guy with his shirt ON... my dad reads this blog, I can't be posting pictures of him naked on a picnic blanket)
I've got this new habit
Putting on Icy Hot - or some sort of arthritis medicine -
& then rubbing my eye
I've done it a few days in a row now
You'd think I'd learn...
but NOOOO... everytime I put that stuff on my back,
my eyes always feel like something is in them
... every.stinking.time!
& of course, you forget you just doused your hands in what is similar to hot sauce
So the Color Run put up their pictures...
This one is probably one of my favorite race pictures ever!
Ricky was like "stay away... don't touch me"
I still say he deserves an award for running 3.1 miles & getting a 'speckle' of color on him
that's an accomplishment!
TV Time
The Bachlorette:  Anyone else think that the girlfriend coming in to confront the one dude seemed to be totally set up?  Worst acting ever!  Her voice raising 3 octaves & squealing?  I just wanted to throw my show at the TV to shut her up.
.... & if I hear "For the right reasons" one more time, I think I may punch myself in the stomach for fun
Real Housewives of New Jersey:  I can't tell you how excited I am to have this back.  I love these people... even when I hate them! (Teresa, I'm talking to you)
That was the sweetest moment when Jacqueline's son said, "I love you" to his mommy... I'm glad to see them focusing on something other then Teresa & her insane beliefs of her own world in her mind.
But what is Caroline doing trying to get in the middle of Teresa & brother?
'The Real Housewives of New Jersey' Recap: Caroline Meets with Teresa, Jacqueline Focuses on Nicholas
(I did think it was funny Caroline & Teresa had on the exact same color)
 I love Caroline - I do think she's the voice of reason on the show... but c'mon... if someone ever said the "blubber blubber blubber" comment to me, I would never meet them again for lunch or conversation
( I love sticking as many F-words in as possible on a FUN FRIDAY!)


  1. Great post! I had such a fun time reading it :) Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Here's my fragment:


  2. I think you should have reached over and given Ricky a big hug! :)

  3. I was watching the Zesty commercial and my husband tried to talk to me. I 'shushed' him and told him to be quiet. He looked at the TV and back and me and said "really?" LOL
    I have a can of emergency bug spray!
    **Man of Steel** can't wait!!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. ugh bummer on the back pain. i hope y'all get to felling better. yes very excited about RHONJ being back on I think this is going to be a great season!

  5. And then there is me who hasn't even heard if the zesty man! I certainly watch enough tv....but I hardly watch any commercials.

    Sorry about the back pain, but I do agree with you that you have to keep moving. If you ever stop, that's it!

  6. I can't wait to see the new Superman...the original was the first movie I ever saw in the theater, on a "date night" with my dad, when I first fell in love with Christopher Reeve. Sigh...

    LOVE that picture of you and Ricky!

    So sorry your back is hurting again. STOP running, start walking. Love, Nurse Heather

  7. Back pain is no fun. I love the picture of Bruno with the stuffed animal between his legs, too cute.

  8. Oh friend, my back is all jacked up too. I'm so over it!!! The Chiropractor is making things worse. I'm not sure if I'm gonna continue or not. It's now hurting consistently in places it didn't hurt before. WHAT IN THE WORLD?!??! OVER IT!!!!!

    That picture of you and Ricky makes me so happy =) So did he run? I see no paint =)

    I just love you friend ~~ dawn


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