Monday, June 10, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* Backyard night... the kids looked amazing dancing!  We had 2 new songs & they have been embedded in my brain all week... but they're good songs, so I didn't mind

* I wish everyone that had children  - any age - would come to the Backyard... its always so much fun! ... & such good messages... & HILARIOUS!!!... Yes, this is a picture of our Children's Minister with her husband.. & yes, he's in a hospital gown with a Mountain Dew IV drip.. & he kept turning around & bending over showing his Spiderman Boxers.. the kids love everything this man does.


* COLOR RUN!!!!  Felt good to get up early & prepare for a race...

* Start line... such a weird thing to see everyone in white... its like some sort of cult... a RUNNING cult! :)

* Thank goodness for cell phones to find friends in a crowd... its not easy to say, I'm in the white shirt & white headband...  Everyone looked alike... you had to really keep your eye out for friends :) ... except Ricky was the only person with a BLUE hat on :)

It was all of these lovely faces first 5K ... that's always exciting

* My back was aching through the race... but it wasn't intolerable... so we pressed on.  Ricky did it with me & that's always fun... 

* Went to do the color burst... there's just something about being in a crowd of people that are pumped up... & ready to throw color everywhere...

* So I couldn't get my packet open, turned & saw my neighbor.  I asked him to open it... little did I know he would dump the whole thing over me... ahhh - paybacks are rough my friend :)

* Ricky ran the race... & stayed out of the color burst... he didn't want to breath that powder.  When I came out all green from the color burst, he didn't even recognize me... that made me nervous since I couldn't see myself

* Yes - this is Ricky AFTER the race... He ran around all the color areas (They yelled at him about that too) but he almost made it out perfectly clean except at the turn around area, they had color in water pistols & they got him across the bottom of his shirt... you can barely see specks close up.  & some guy at the end threw his powder on himself at the finish line & got Ricky's socks a bit covered in blue... you would have thought Ricky was COVERED the way he acted.  I was cracking up.  He said, "I think I need to cover the seats for me too... I don't want to ruin your car"... & then when he took his bath he said, "The water was so blue, I had to run it 3 times"...(y'all think I'm dramatic?)

* I guess diamonds are resilient to colored powder... my necklace was clean too :)

* They had blow off stations... thank goodness... when she hit me with the blower, it was like Pig Pen from Peanuts... a cloud of green dust flew off of me...

* Thank goodness I bought these Color Run sunglasses... I would hate to have to get this stuff off my eye lashes!

* I was a little nervous... I went home & washed my face... & it wasn't coming off!!! The green was leaving a dark hue on my skin... OH MY GOSH!!!  But after about a shower that would leave my skin in pain... & a half bottle of alcohol, I got most of it... my skin is still stained UNDER my shirt though (I guess the sweat mixed with the color = paint that stains)... So yes, if I'm in an accident & they have to take my shirt off & they see my chest, stomach & underarms & see the green color - please let them know I'm not an alien.

* Took the afternoon & relaxed catching up on my Merlin shows... I've been putting it off because its the last season... I don't want it to end

* No rest for the weary... off for a family photo session... the little boy in this family is just angelic.  Blond curls, bright blue eyes... a smile that is PRECIOUS... I wanted to just take him home with me.

* In the mail - YES... my "Team T-Rex" shirt!  If you are a runner & love a funny gal, you have to visit her blog...

* I was so sweaty from my camera bag on my back - time for another shower... nope, color still sticking


* Church... we are loving the new game "Moose Moose".. it will make you call out random animal names all day long

* Headed to a little Art Festival ... cute stuff... & a beautiful day to walk around

* Went for lunch at Penn Station... mercy... some people just know how to mess up everything.  The girl taking our order, you could tell was new.  I told her what I wanted - NO onions anywhere on my veggie sandwich... when Ricky got done, I noticed she was taking forever to give us a price.  She ended up re-entering everything... & not asking us... & getting everything wrong.  In the end, I pretty much had an onion sandwich... nothing else... it was disgusting.  I was so bummed out.

* Our weekly Target trip :)  Can't live without it

* Home Depot.. I was on a mission to get some flowers for our front porch.  Got a cute little table for a potted plant as well.  I am determined to make my house have SOME sort of color... besides brown with dead leaves & grass

* Off to visit my momma & daddy... it was like a house full of bad backs

* Finished up the weekend with Neil Patrick Harris... TONY AWARDS!!!!  I love the Tony's... little glimpses of the latest shows!  They need to do every award show like this... just clips of the award winners in categories no one really cares about.  I stayed up till the end...

... & now, I'm exhausted... on a Monday... whew!  Here's to a new week!  & clean skin!


  1. Your weekend makes me tired just reading it. :) But sounds like you had a great time. Hope you get some rest this week and that your back starts feeling better.

  2. We actually watched the Tony's too - Mike had a friend who "made" him do it. Ha! Neil is hilarious - it was a lot of fun.

    That's funny about the green paint. I want to hear how long it lasted before it finally came off :)


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