Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

Friday! Whooo HOOOO!!!
I will say, this week has gone by super fast for me
... no complaints here...
I'm so excited
I'm doing a wedding this weekend
& not just any wedding, but my neighbor's wedding
When we moved in our home, this young boy came running with home made cookies to welcome us...
& anyone that brings me cookies right away becomes a favorite person of mine
He was in elementary school at the time
& now, he's a college graduate & getting married
& I get to spend the whole day with him & his beautiful fiancé, capturing moments
I'm going to be good not to cry the whole day
If y'all can say a little prayer for my parents
My dad is having back problems - BAD back problems. 
He tried to do my inversion table last night for relief ... nope...
he couldn't even get it past 90 degrees..
he's going for an MRI next week
& my mom will be having surgery soon on her eyes for cataracts
she's also having other eye problems that need to be covered up in prayers
Just if you think about it, just lift up to God's ears a quick "Help them"
Today is the day I live for...
the LONGEST day of the year..
More sunlight then any time of the year
& then tomorrow, my dreaded time starts
One minute less of sunlight every day until December 21 ...
I'm trying not to think about that
I love my sunlight
Did Kim Kardashian really name her child North?
North West
... really?...
There was a guy on the expressway yesterday next to me
He literally swerved into my lane...
I looked over & he was texting with BOTH HANDS, looking down & driving with his knees
I slowed down to let him stay in front of me
If you didn't know better, you would think he was a drunk driver the way he was weaving in & out of the lane...
so scary!
There needs to be some sort of law about phones
I mean - SERIOUS laws
I keep hearing talk everywhere about the new Oreo Watermelon cookies
Those sound disgusting to me
I'm not a fan of artificial fruit flavors...
just stick with chocolate for me, thankyouverymuch
Speaking of Watermelon
I grew up a little last night
I cut my first watermelon EVER
(I said I needed to take a picture so my mom could put this in my baby book of first things)
Yep... its true!
I've only ever eaten ones already cut by someone
Or buy the pre-cut ones at the grocery
So what does a responsible adult do?
Go on YouTube & find out the proper way to do it!
& it worked beautifully!
I now have 3 huge Tupperware containers full of cubed watermelon
A perfect summer dessert for these warm days!
So I was excited about the new Instagram thing with videos
...except my phone apparently is a dinosaur at 1 yr old
because the Android version doesn't support it
I can't even SEE the videos
So much for cool updates
The Bachlorette:  My guy Zak is still there... though I know he's not going to make it far.  I was glad to see him stand out though with the guitar & a cute song, though  I was afraid he's get the "Wes Curse"... but Des was totally loving it.
Goodbye other Zak, who I don't think I've ever heard speak during the whole season.
Sad we didn't have a reason to hear more of Juan Pablo speak.
How cute was the Jersey couple who got to take Des & James' date?
(see - its like her own Juan Pablo.. this was Jersey Gal's reaction when her husband spoke in Italian... accents get us gals every time)

I have to say, I didn't understand why James would tell Des about his screw ups in his past relationships... I mean no one is perfect... but dang, I think he just shot himself in the foot with that one.
Braydon - just leave.  If you're going to whine about being there, take your horrible hair cut & just leave.  (Watch - she'll end up with him)
Onto next week - where DRAMA!!!!!!  The guys are freaking out & turning on each other... MOST DRAMATIC WEEK EVER! ... that's for you Chris Harrison
OK - Hope everyone has a Fantastically Fabulous Friday!!!


  1. I heard about those oreos. Who thinks of these combinations? Chocolate and watermelon? Yuck.

  2. I haven't heard of those Oreos - yucch! My sister-in-law showed me recently how to cut a watermelon by taking the rind off first. I'm going to try that next time. Your right, nothing like ice cold watermelon on a summer day!
    Sorry your parents are having troubles. I'll say a little prayer for them! Happy Friday!

  3. Without tasting them...I say YUCK!!! on watermelon Oreos! That just sounds gross and I love watermelon, but not in my Oreos.

    Texting and driving is absolutely ridiculous. Of course, we were in a major traffic area around Atlanta and I saw a driver reading a novel while he was driving. I mean a NOVEL! Are you crazy Mister? For sure.

    Hey, just wanted to tell you, my oldest daughter is running in a Color Run this weekend in Wyoming. I can't wait to see her pictures!

    Have a great weekend.

  4. Thinking of your mom and dad and that relief comes their way!

    And I agree about texting while driving. It's against the law here in MN. Even voice texting isn't safe. Just put the phone down, folks. You can text when you get there!

  5. North West - that's just crazy. Ugh!

  6. North West is just a dumb name, but did we expect any less from that couple?
    I am not sure about those cookies....weird. My oldest daughter's favorite thing in the world is watermelon, I will have to see what she thinks of them...

  7. I enjoyed your very random Friday Fragments :) You covered a lot of subjects!

    Congrats on cutting the watermelon! Speaking of watermelon, those cookies sound a bit disgusting :(

    The couple getting married look so sweet in the photo. Ah, young love is so sweet. Come to think of it, old love is sweet, too. (Hubby and I celebrated our 41st anniversary this week!)

    Hope all works out well with your parents health issues.

  8. Oh no. North West? How goofy is that?

  9. I married a man who loves to cut fruit. I have never cut a watermelon.

  10. Praying for your parents!

    Watermelon Oreo's...gag! I don't even want to taste them...the birthday cake ones were bad enough!

    Sweet about your neighbor. When we moved into this house, there was a little boy next door who would skip to the school bus...he's going to college in the fall! How does it happen?

    Don't feel bad about the watermelon...I cut my first one about a year ago (and I think I'm a year older than you ;) I cut them all the time because I can (there are benefits to have never done something!). But YUM!!!

    Enjoy your sunlight today <3 I'm totally with you!

  11. so sweet about your neighbor! I know it will be a special day for all of you!

    praying for your parents right now.

    watermelon oreos.....yuck!

    have a great weekend!!

  12. I'll definitely pray for your parents.

    Watermelon Oreos? That's just plain disgusting. Like you, I'm not a fan of artificial fruit flavors, but that combination sounds particularly unappealing!!

    I can't wait to get some homegrown watermelon - I love it.

  13. Yup, I buy the pre-cut watermelon. Never heard of those watermelon Oreos before, I wouldn't buy them.

  14. I love watermelon, but I didn't know there was a proper way to cut it. I'm sure I've been doing it wrong all these years, but fortunately it does not affect the flavor.


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