Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

Friday!.... & I don't know what's going on, but this is two weeks in a row where the weeks have gone fast... let's hope this becomes a habit

Hold on...
something may be wrong in the universe...
I actually have a weekend where I don't have big plans
I say that, but my plans are
1. Laundry.. & LOTS of it
2. Running ... its supposed to be nice Saturday morning
3. Wedding pictures to edit
4. Wedding pictures to deliver
So maybe its not "plan free" but it doesn't feel rushed to me
It really feels like summer
Storms every day.. off & on..
Yesterday, it even down poured - I mean DOWN POURED - with the sun out
I feel like we're in Florida
Because of the humidity, I've been doing later evening runs
Felt great yesterday, sweating like a cup of ice water stuck in a hot car
... went to look down at my watch...
My Garmin battery went dead
Thank goodness I had 2 other gadgets on -
my Fitbit & my Nike App on my iPod
What did we do before we could track every single movement we do in life?
Again, I'll say it
OK - Leave Paula Deen alone
I keep reading where the media has turned this into the story it is
because of the Trayvon Martin case & how they want racial tension to start up
I realize I've turned into a conspiracy believer a lot lately
but it does make sense, doesn't it?
We just live in a messed up, jacked up, screwed up world
Come today Jesus!
Aren't these shirts the cutest? 
You can buy one yourself & help support a fantastic family on their road to adoption
I bought a blue one for me & a green one for Ricky
Can't wait to get it & wear it in support!
I have my credit cards automatically deducted from my bank so I never have a late payment.
Good for watching your money as well since I believe credit cards are straight from the pits of hell anyways
But when they are automatically deducted, its like a debit card
- but you get those bonus points & rewards...
 I got an email that I had one come out of my checking account that I totally forgot to write down in my register
That always hurts when you have $500.00 taken out that you weren't counting on
Lesson learned
TV Time:
The Bachlorette:  Why didn't Des just send both of those jerks home on the 2 on 1 date?  I have to say, I was shocked when she sent Ben home.  I thought I saw him in the promos on later dates... but glad to see him DISMISSED.  His reaction in the limo just said it all... but how the other guy was butthead #1 & kept on eating & then looked like "What?" ... when he said he was a lawyer, it made sense. 
I'm still a Zak fan!  Glad they're going on a one on one date next week
(They really ask these guys about their favorite book & favorite artist? ... strange)
But my 2nd front runner is Chris...
Next week - more drama when they now have Ben out of the house & need someone else to jump on... hello James!  You're up next in the Dunk Tank.
Real Housewives of New Jersey:  Anyone else think that Joe was asking for trouble going to the gym knowing his sister would be there?  But I loved how he handled her... gave her a taste of her own medicine.
I think Rosie needs her own show... so glad to see more of her this season
Real Housewives of Orange County:  Eddie doing the salsa?  Yes please - more of that.  Dr. Terry Dubrow?  Not so much... I do love Terry & Heather though.
I like Lydia a lot too - she doesn't beat around the bush does she?
& keeps trying to get peace back with the girls.  It must have worked - she got Alexis in the same room with Tamra & Heather... even hugs going around.
I loved her comment "I see who you are" to Slade... oh snap... she doesn't hold back from confrontation either. 
BIG BROTHER!!! ... YES - its back!
My initial first reactions:
I like Rachel's sister a lot better then I like Rachel - doesn't seem as annoying
I'm liking the Youth Counselor... but remember the "Christian guy" from last year that after 3 days was trying to sleep with all the girls... fail... fingers crossed this guy has better values going in holding his Bible
Rooting for McCrae... love a guy that is different from everyone else - & who no one believes is really a pizza delivery guy (that's hilarious)
Jamie... if I had to hear her say one more time how beautiful she was, I was going to kick my toe in the wall...
I like Helen as well - the cute little political mom
The tall dude with the tats across his chest?  Jeremy - Already on my nerves
Surfer Dude?  Will someone please give him a haircut!
Andy... gotta love a guy who wears a shirt with cat heads all over it to give you your first impression of himself
Just bring Jeff & Jordan back every year please.. I can never get enough Jeff!
Alright... enough already.. I got work to do!
Happy Friday everyone!


  1. Having money come out of an account you weren't planning on stinks the big smelly stink! Tim changed the date for one of our payments, which by the way, isn't even one that is automatically deducted...but they somehow pulled it out of our account on the original due date. They say we approved it, both us say we didn't. That was $800 worth of surprise and a couple of NSF fees before we knew what was going on. Grrrrrr!

    "Come today Jesus!" Yes, please. Deliver me from the insanity and evil of this world.

  2. Even as we speak (or I write), I'm catching up with RHOC. Did you see Heather on "Hot in Cleveland"? Not impressed at all. Talk over over-acting!
    I'm rooting for Chris on The Bachelorette. Or Brooks. Not sure how big Brooks will be with the whole commitment thing, but he does seem like a lot of fun.
    I started watching "The Hero" with The Rock on TNT. Oh, my, that smile just melts my heart! Interesting show!

  3. I only WISH you lived in Florida!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) XOXOXO

  4. I'm with you, leave Paula Dean alone-- There are bigger issues in the world to deal with that the media should be covering. Sheesh.

    Happy photo editing and laundry folding.


  5. Love the shirts for Uganda. I have friends waiting on adoptions from Ethiopia. Same shirt almost.

    It's a shame about Paula. I am sorry about I do love the jokes. I feel like it can get get butter from here for Paula. Note pun. Sorry.

  6. Sounds like a busy weekend to me!!! I did a lot of that stuff today....well the laundry and house stuff.

    I have become a conspiracy nutcase lately. I think everyone is up to no good. I feel sorry for Paula and if they are filming every word I say, I'm in big trouble! I think we've taken political correctness way too far. My half hispanic grandchildren laughingly call us their white family, but I don't think they're racist. It's all just silly!

    It is hot in Florida and always muggy.....but I was so cold during this past winter that I promised not to complain and I'm least not toooooo much! Have a great weekend!

  7. Add me to the list of those saying LEAVE PAULA ALONE. She has begged for forgiveness there is no more she can do.

    I'm positive that if we took a magnifying glass to the lives of all the Paula naysayers we'd find all kinds of messes, as we would in all of us.

  8. Hi, my first time in this Friday Fragment thing. I don't watch any of those shows you mentioned - I watch cooking shows, the competition ones mostly. I do agree with two important things you said, Come Lord Jesus, and leave Paula Dean alone. She apologized most heartfelt-ly (just made up that word). What more can she do?
    Tina @ Life is Good

  9. I don't know, I'm a member of the media that has written about Paula Deen and I can assure you I am not a part of a conspiracy, but I can only speak for myself.

    I have no idea what we did before all our gadgets. I feel lost without mine. I even sleep with my phone next to me and I know that's not a good idea.


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