Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Its a piece of foam...

My chiropractor has been on me for weeks... "Have you got a foam roller yet?"


I keep hearing of people having them, using them - but I've never bought one.  Mainly because they are expensive... like $40.00... for a PIECE OF FOAM...


Plus, it looks harder then just stretching...

have you ever seen these things & how people use them?

Does this look the least bit comfortable?

Does anyone know how uncoordinated I am?  I'm totally going to hurt myself on this thing...

But while we were sitting out waiting for the tow truck, & knowing the estimated time was going to be 3 hours... (thanks AAA)... we walked over to Meijers.

I always check out the fitness videos to see if any are on sale... which they were.  Hello Jilliam Michaels & my new torture video.  I look down & see a foam roller on sale... for $24.99...

Should I get it?  No... but the chiropractor said it will help me... but its a piece of foam. UGH!  I told you before, I hate decision making. 

So an inner battle takes place in the aisle at Meijers...

but it must have been all that waiting by the broken down truck in the heat that got to my brain, because I walk out at the end of the self-conversation with my new friend,  Foamy

Yes - Foamy... I got my name calling skills from Pee Wee Herman.  Remember Globey (the big globe) & Chairy (the big chair - obviously - duh) ?

I was excited when I was at the chiropractor yesterday & he said, "Do you have that foam roller yet".... I was like a kid who got a good grade... "YES SIR!! I sure do have it...."  (Head held high)

but then I had to add the rest... "but its still in the box" (head hang down)

Hey - progress is progress...

So has anyone else ever used one of these things? 

I'm going to be searching YouTube & getting the down-low...
Or is it "down-lo"
how do the cool kids say it?

Anyways... it won't be long - I'll be walking around with this on my shirt...
No joke... I really do want this on a shirt!


  1. When I was working with a trainer at the gym, he never used these. He wasn't there one day and the gym owner worked with me and had me use a roller first....Holy cow the difference! I could not believe how much it loosened me up and how much less pain and stiffness I had during and after. Yeah, it wasn't a graceful thing for me, either. My trainer used to make me to things that required balance just to laugh at me. :P

  2. Never heard of this. Hope it works for you and you gotta take video and show us. :)

  3. Never heard of a foam roller, so it will be interesting to see if it helps. Good luck!

  4. I've seen these at physical therapy. While I've never used them because I'm there for my arms they do look to be helpful.

  5. I saw them using those when I was having physical therapy, but I haven't used one. Those pictures look scary! I'm not sure I am in shape to use one!

  6. Ok, so we have one and I've tried it. Dick has way more success with it than I do. It hurts my back. Yes I know its suppose to help. Yes welcome to my weird body life.

    Let me know how it works for you. I may have to try it again.

    Blessings friend ~~ dawn


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