Tuesday, June 04, 2013

In a line at Subway

I had to get a break from my buggy office yesterday.  Couldn't sit in the fumes of bug killer for another minute anyways.  My head was like a balloon of pain by lunch time.

So I head down to Subway.  The only place I think that has a decent lunch.  I also think most of the world at lunch time thinks Subway is the only place for a decent lunch.  The line is always wrapped around the small building.  Everyone is willing to wait though.

I've always been an observant person.  I tend to look at people & notice small things - details - & I try to figure out a person by the way they stand, what they're wearing, how they speak.  Nothing else to do in line, right?

Ahead of me is a group of men that are dirty... hard workers.  They have on steel toe boots.  Their clothing is the same - dark navy pants, dark navy t-shirts.  A few have on safety goggles on top of their heads where sunglasses would rest on a weekend.  Dirt stained hands.  Not much time for lunch I would bet as a few of the guys kept looking at their watch while standing in the line.

A few of the men were younger, probably early to mid 20's.  With them was one older man.  He had a rounded belly on him that showed some of his years, but he also had white hair.  Not the kind that was pure white, but that more grey speckled hair that showed he was more mature then the rest, but he still stood tall - strong.  The other guys kept talking with him, looking at him to gauge his reaction if they had time to wait.  Was this their manager?  Or just someone they looked up to?

The older gentleman's cell phone rang....

Honestly, I didn't pay much attention to his conversation, though it would have been easy since he was right in front of me & we were curved in line like snakes trying to get to the counter.  My mind was just on what kind of bread I wanted on my sandwich.  Is it a Honey Oat day or a Flat Bread kinda day?

All of a sudden, I hear the man say, "Alright then... I'll see you later...  I love you Beautiful"

& I turned to see the biggest smile on his face.

His voice had the sound of that same smile...

The other guys with him just turned & looked at him.  One just shook his head.  The other just grinned at him.  I got the impression that they were used to hearing this older man say these words before on the phone.

He hung up, looked at his younger coworkers & said, "I can't help it - I still love her after all these years"

... my heart melted...

right there in Subway

I loved that the guys didn't make fun of him... they were used to hearing this affection from this man...

I loved that his man was a wonderful example of age & wisdom & love through the years...

I loved that I didn't see this man the same anymore, but a man who loved his wife & family...

I loved that I saw the joy of love shining from this man...

All while just standing in the line at Subway.


  1. How sweet! If that doesn't melt your heart, I do not know what would.

  2. What a lovely story! As someone I grew up with would say: Tender Vittles!

  3. What an awesome story! Warmed my heart. Now it's a puddle of goo! That's the kind of man I'd want to marry. :)


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