Thursday, June 13, 2013

Yes... I just compared us to electric cord

Have you ever gotten a new electronic gadget & you pull it out of the box & it looks so clean & put together....

When its a kitchen gadget, I sometimes hate to get it dirty... but then realized I paid way too much money to fill up my counter with things I'm not going to use.

You can't wait to plug those things in...

One thing that gets me though is how tightly those cords are wrapped.  They have them so tight & put together, & have a twist tie on them that seems to be made of steel or something.

When you take that tie off, you see its just like a colored bread twist tie... how did they get it on there so tightly to hold that cord in the perfect shape?

But you go & plug in the gadget & then you have all sorts of cord that is too long & bulky - so what do you do?  You wrap the left over back up & use that same tie & you try to get it just the right length to hide behind the gadget...

I don't know about you... but I can't EVER get the cord to wrap up the same.

I even try to make the loops at the same place that the cords already have the creases built into them by sitting in that position for a long time... but I STILL can't get it that tight

... & putting that same twist tie back on it?  That's when I'm convinced I'm a weakling & may be a little dense in the head, because I can't ever get it to tie right either.

I'll loop it on & let go & POOF... the cord becomes all slack & its just a mess...

So when I saw the verse we were focusing on this week, this whole scenario I am talking about is what came to mind... why?  That one word... BIND

I can't ever bind things up the same...

A skein of yarn is another things that comes to mind....once unraveled - I can't get in that tight ball it was once in.

When we're hurt in life - brokenhearted... doesn't it feel like we're just like that cord - or that ball of yarn?

Like we'll never be put back the same?

The Bible tells us in so many places how God is close to the brokenhearted ... but I love that this verse says, he HEALS the brokenhearted... Binding up their wounds...

He's that twist tie... that is made of steel... that knows how to wrap us up just right to hold us together securely without coming unloose...

& sometimes, maybe we are a little looser then before... but that's OK... that's where we've learned from life & we're not the same...

Our broken hearts sometimes don't ever leave us the same...

The very last sentence in the book, in Chapter 10 said it all to me
"I have come to understand that God cannot use people greatly until he has broken them deeply.  And when we embrace our brokenness, we are ready for breakthrough"

Yep... broken isn't always a bad thing...

Maybe because God knows He can bind us back up... & we're better for it.

We're stronger
We know more
We trust Him more
We can teach & share with others

& we can be a witness to others how God does heal
... & how He DOES bind us back together

Feeling broken right now in life? 
Get ready... because God is doing something in your life
... & He's not going to leave you all unraveled
... He's going to binding those hurts right back up...

Count on that!


  1. Rebecca what a beautiful portrayal of the word bind and I totally missed that in my verse mapping. Thanks so much for making it so vivid. Debbie W. (OBS Facebook Group Leader)

  2. Mercy! This was the Awesome Sauce, friend. Please move to NH and live right next to me. ;) This line was my favorite, because... AMEN! "He's that twist tie... that is made of steel... that knows how to wrap us up just right to hold us together securely without coming unloose..."

  3. Love that comparison!! Right now I'm praying He heals my grandson's heart that has been so broken by my son, his father. I'll be memorizing this verse!!

  4. Awesome post! I'm so glad He's a twistie tie made of steel, and that He binds us up not to imprison us, but so we can be free indeed. Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. I don't think I've ever heard someone connect God and twist ties - but I love it! Such a wonderful illustration that I will think of whenever I unwrap a new item :)

  6. I don't think I will look at a twist tie the same ever again!

  7. This was just wonderful and makes me think of the Gideon Bible study by Priscilla Shirer that I started last week. Its subtitle is "Your weakness. God's strength."

    Once again, what a fantastic analogy!

  8. As I was reading this I was suddenly taken with the thought: I get it ! We are not supposed to go back to
    the way we were before we became unwrapped. It is a new thing now so we , like those new gadgets can be used not sitting on shelf taking up space. Awesome thanks for sharing this .

  9. Its wonderful but however there may exist some already decorated Power Cords in the market which are provided by some companies like Americord.


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