Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekend Wrapup


* I can hardly even remember what I did after work... I must have been exhausted... I think I got caught up on the Real Housewives of Orange County & that bachelorette party.  Big kudos for Lydia for walking out before the strippers came.  Heather's face the whole time, while she was wearing sterile gloves & holding Lysol, was the funniest part of the whole show

* I'm old... I was in bed by 10pm... on a Friday... the very definition of old


* Another definition of old?  I was up at 5:30 ... on a Saturday... I hate when I don't sleep in when I'm able

* Ricky had to work... which means I get to clean something good while he's not there.  The room of the day?  Our library.  It still was covered in Christmas stuff - wrapping paper, bows, gifts for next year. Yes, gifts for next year.  I love shopping the weeks after Christmas when things are marked down & start stocking up on deals for the next Christmas..... by the end of the day, the room is back to the original beautifulness.

* Wanted to get my run in before it got too hot... I didn't make it... I was a ball of dripping sweat...

* I swear, I thought something had bit me... it hurt driving home yesterday from work too.  It was like a hot match was on my back... BURNED like a booger!  I went to take my shower & the water hitting my back made me scream - that's how bad it hurt!  I kept making Ricky look to see if there was a bite somewhere or what was going on...

.... it hit me later what it was...

I've been putting a Capsaicin rub on my back to help my back pain... that's like a hot rub full of pepper spices.  It says on the back, "Do not use with a heating pad" ... so I guess running & getting it REALLY hot & sweaty after applying it - sorta the same thing.

At least I figured it out... that was miserable!
(I have a picture ... I can't get it up...

*  Ricky & I went out to pick up a few things & stopped to have dinner... Ricky's truck wouldn't start when we went to leave the restaurant.  It had no problems at all - so this came out of no where... UGH!!!! 

The frustrating thing... this parking lot is connected to the biggest church around the area... we sat there & watched 2 different services let out (yes, its that big that they have 2 services on a Saturday)... we were right on the curb - I could have touched the cars coming out... & not one person stopped & asked if we needed help.  You could tell we were having issues - our hood up - bags all around us, doors open, us red faced & sweating from it being so warm... not one "do you need a cell phone?" - anything... I was sort of disappointed.  Even people going into the restaurant... they saw us there going in, saw us there when they came out... everyone ignored us...

What is the world coming to?

My dad was our hero... he came down & sat with us until the tow truck came & he drove us home...

* Note to self - always have cash on hand if your car breaks down so you can go into stores & buy a drink so you have a place to pee.


* Church... I love these kids... we saw how many people can fit in a hoola hoop... there are actually 8 of us in there... One of us would move, all of us would get pulled along.  It got kinda scary & TIGHT!

* Our friends Ryan & Chasity just got back from a mission trip on Friday evening, so we were excited to hear about it & see all the pictures they took.  They were both just SHINING talking about it...

* CELEBRATE FATHER'S DAY!!!.... & I didn't even get a picture of my dad... I'm just a failure at life... but we went out to dinner at a new place in the little town over.  They had the most amazing Portabella Mushroom sandwich... with candied sweet potato patties... I'm still dreaming about them.

(Maybe I'm not THAT much of a failure... I did make this collage of my dad for Facebook)

* Everyone headed back to my mom's house to have some fresh watermelon... oh my goodness.  Did these things come from a sugar field?  They were the sweetest watermelons I've ever tasted! YUM!

* Watched a storm roll through... & a lightning bolt hit right across the street from my parent's house... YAHHHZAAAA!!! That was close!

* My twin nieces were filling me in all the "Turtleman" & his dog, Lolly... I want that dog... but they were pulling up videos on YouTube (which in itself freaks me out that they maneuver so well around YouTube).. but I laughed so hard watching this guy.  Love that he saves all the animals too... so guess what me & Ricky were watching at the end of the night on Animal Planet?  Oh yeah... I'm a Turtleman fan now! :)  The things you learn in life from 8 yr olds...

* ... & this is how we watched it... with my Sydney ready to take in the action.  She didn't stay like this for long.  Once she saw Lolly running across the screen, she was up & barking at her TV friend.  But I love those sweet moments where all she wants to do it cuddle... usually she's too busy with Ricky to give me any attention, so I take what I can get from her.

Hope everyone had a great weekend & ready for an ever better week!


  1. Okay... has your Daddy ALWAYS had a beard??? Every picture has one!!!!

  2. I can't believe that pepper rub was that hot. Wow!

    Love the picture of you and your dog.

  3. RHOOC...ick! But yes, enjoyed laughing at Heather! And thought her gifts were hilarious!

    Can't believe no one stopped and at least asked if you needed help! And coming out of a church even! Sad :(

    Loved the collage you made...too sweet! And my kids love the Turtleman too! They also love Gator Boys! We kinda love animals around here :)

    And Sydney...sweet! Our Buckeye has little to do with me...he loves Kevin!! So, when he curls up with me on those few occasions, I treasure them!

  4. Your ring is beautiful. Your hand is sweaty. Just sayin' =)

    LOVE these pictures of your daddy. I LOVE the one on the bottom row with him laughing and your niece with the football. So sweet.

    It makes me sad that no one stopped. WHAT IN THE WORLD??!!! Come on now.


    Have a Super week friend ~~ dawn


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