Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Fragments

Unknown Mami

We made it... FRIDAY!!!!


Man, a full week of work after a week with only 3 days in it?


I'm going today after work to get my eyes checked & to get new glasses.
I'm afraid they're going to tell me, "You're old"... which is what I fully expect.
I can't see anything close up anymore. 
I have 'readers' all over the house.  Literally 4 pairs in the kitchen so when I have to read any directions.

How do eyes change so much when you get older?
Just another fun perk of climbing up the hill of age
.... or is it more like coming down the other side of the hill?....

I foresee (like that pun) bifocals
This should be interesting
(Praying this isn't going to be me after today)


Dang it...
why did I see the 20% off everything on Old Navy's website?

I can't resist its powers

But did find the skirts I've been looking for

I found one of these at Target on clearance a few weeks ago & fell in love with it.  Its like walking around in PJ's... & have scouted every Target since to find more.  No luck.  So when I saw a sale code & the skirt I've been looking for?  How can a girl resist?

I just watched "United 93" ... the movie about the plane that was over taken by the passengers on 9/11 & crashed in a field...
The whole time I was watching it, I was saying, "Why am I doing this to myself"
You know the ending... but the whole time the passengers were plotting to take over & when they made their move, I kept thinking, "It's going to be work out... they're going to make it"...
Only to know how it really ends...

it's too much! I'm crying.
How I watched this movie
& speaking of movies...
I FINALLY got around to watching "Anchorman"
OH MY GOSH - it came out in 2004 & I'm just now seeing it?
I'm a little behind in my movies, what can I say?
At least I know I'm caught up on all things Burgandy now
I have a new lunch addiction
Its it wrong to sit & eat a whole container?
TV Time:
The Bachlorette:  So Des says she is in love with Brooks... & its not the finale?  That's just weird.  If she ends up with someone else, I bet they sat & watched that & was like, "Great"... but I'm thinking the odds on favorite is the man himself. I still like Zak - but I think he's more in the 'friend zone' with her.  I am rooting for Chris though to win.  Even though the whole writing poetry together would have made me laugh in his face.
America's Got Talent:  Anyone else see the Kentucky Coal Miner?  Ricky & I are so rooting for him.  I'm not a big country fan personally, but even I thought his voice was fantastic... & he was so dang polite!
Speaking of those WITHOUT manners...
Big Brother:  Anyone see this lady, Aaryn?  OH.MY.GOSH.  I've never screamed more at a tv screen then watching her.  She is such a mean girl!  If you haven't watched it, you may have heard her name in the news with the racist & homophobic comments she's been making.  Then last night, they showed someone in the house taking her to the side & letting her know the things she was saying was offensive.  She just rolled her eyes, said she wasn't even going to give that issue any thought because its immature of everyone to be offended.  She had a great opportunity to try & make herself look better... she only dug a whole deeper. 
The world's most hated reality star of 2013
When this girl gets out of the house... she's going to be amazed at what's waiting for her... no job being one...
I just keep thinking that her family has GOT to be embarrassed watching this
... at least I hope their embarrassed & not the same way
Real Housewives of Orange County:  I want a "Bling'd Out Bible" like Alexis has!
I'm seeing pictures on Instagram of the girls at the reunion & so far, no pictures of Gretchen... uh oh...
OK... let's finish this day ... & hope by the end of it, I'm getting some glasses that will keep me from squinting  every minute of my life
Have a Fantastic Friday Friends!!!


  1. Rooster and I saw United 93 in the theater. The entire place took on an eerie silence at the end. Truly powerful.

  2. I'm getting old and should really switch to progressive lenses, but I'm trying to fight it. I love those skirts too and have a few. I can not resist an Old Navy sale.


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