Monday, July 08, 2013

Weekend Wrapup... Long weekend

Nothing better then a long weekend

Nothing worse then coming back to work after a long weekend...


it was a great 4 days off though...

Thursday - 4th of July

* we got up early & headed to breakfast at Panera ... I'm weird about oatmeal, especially out at places, but mercy - their steel cut oatmeal with strawberries & pecans?  Its fantastic... & I didn't know they had Acai Berry Tea... I was in breakfast heaven

* Went to the first showing of Lone Ranger...It wasn't great... it wasn't bad.  It should be called "Tonto" though.  Johny Depp made the whole movie.

* The theater was so packed, we had to sit in the front section - the kind where you have to sit slumped down & look straight up to watch the movie.  That's always good for back aches.  Ricky even left with a back ache.

* We celebrated our country the only way we know how... with a trip to Target!  God Bless America! ... they had all the Paula Deen things on clearance there.  Made me sorta sad... but sorta happy.  I mean, 2 pans for $20.00?  (& they are AWESOME... already cooked on them)

* Stopped at Starbucks to get something warm to drink.  Yes, I usually only drink warm in winter, but it was so rainy & I had a chill in me since the movie theater.  I love giving fake names at Starbucks... so I stick with my favorite - Belle... & then was bummed when I saw the lady must not be a Disney fan.  Bell?  Really?  Come on lady!

*  No cook outs for us... we ended up having dinner at Red Lobster.... does that place consistently have a wait?


* Tried something new... made some vegetarian baked beans in the crock pot.  It was a butt load of ingredients... had to be good, right?  Well, in the end, they tasted just about what I do that takes like 10 minutes on a regular night - pinto beans with vegetarian BBQ sauce & spices on a stove top.  10 minutes is better then 8 hours.  At least I tried something new

* Went for a run since it finally stopped raining for a few hours... then I was praying it would rain.  HOLY COW... it was so humid, I thought I was breathing through a plastic bag.

*. Worked on wedding pictures... & finally got a preview up for the couple.  It was so hard to decide on which ones to post...

Here's a sample of 2 of them... reminder - this is 2 out of 400 pictures too... decisions :)

I had to laugh, someone posted the comment on Facebook, "Elaine's dad is like OHHHHH crap" - haha!  He does kinda have that look, doesn't it... a dad's ever watchful eye

* Ricky went to cut the grass.  Sydney knowing it was humid out didn't want to stay outside, but wanted to keep her watchful eye on her daddy.  So she gets up in the kitchen chair & lays across it just so she can peek out the window.  Ricky saw her & I opened the window for her & he stopped to love on her... I loved that I had my phone nearby so I could take this picture... this totally defines their relationship :)


* I stayed in my junky shorts & t-shirt for most of the day (junky always means the most comfy).... This was truly a day off...

* We rented "The Incredible Burt Wonderstone"... wow... that was a really stupid movie.  & I love stupid for the most part... but I can see why this didn't make it at the theater.

* We went over & saw mom & dad.  That means Ricky has to go see his horse friends.  We've determined that Ricky is truly an "Animal Whisperer"... someone from Animal Planet needs to give him a show.

* We decided to try a new pizza place that opened ... I thought Ricky was going to pass out when we walked in.  There was a country band playing right as you walked in - I mean, you could stumble in & hit the ladies guitar.  So every eye was up that way when you walk in... attention is not Ricky's favorite thing.   In the end, the pizza was horrible too.  We ended up throwing 85% of it away... dinner fail.


* I was up to teach... I had so much fun on this lesson.  I took my diary from when I was 13 years old & read out of it to the kids... One kid asked me, "You were 13?"... I looked at him & said, "Yes, I was actually 13 at one point in my life" ... its true.

* I surprised Ricky & had him come up front with me to make him dance with me like you did in middle school... I thought he was going to pass out.  (Read note from our dinner the previous night about attention & Ricky)... I told him, "OK, put your hands on my waist" & he literally BOLTED from me... but I gave him that "wife look" & he came up & did it with me... the kids loved it

* We decided to give grooming a try ourselves. Ricky bought some awesome sheers - I bought some extra blades - we were ready to go.  We headed to Feeders Supply so we could use their table, bathing stuff & so we wouldn't have to clean up the hair in our own home - SCORE!  I don't think we did too bad really, for the first time ever.  Zoe was such a trooper... Note to self though:  Watch the You Tube videos BEFORE going to groom instead of after.  We did everything backwards.  At least she came home without cuts, skinned alive & not bleeding.  See - success!

Kinda choppy... but now we know what we were doing wrong
Bruno is up next!

* Look at this animal we saw in the parking lot!! I want him!!!  His head was bigger then mine & Ricky's heads together!  I can't imagine something like this walking around my house! 

* Back home to work on more pictures... I'm on the downhill side of it...

* Ended the night with my New Jersey Housewives... HOLY COW... is that a cliff hanger or what?  Both Joe's getting in a fight next week? I'm totally counting down till next Sunday!

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend & a safe 4th of July...


  1. Sounds like a great 4 day holiday. Enjoyed your pictures.

  2. We tried to groom Ally (schnauzer) once. After an hour of her being extremely good, we decided that we had a whole new appreciation for dog groomers and ended up taking her for a real groom!
    I KNEW Johnny Depp would steal the show!

  3. Sounds like a really nice weekend, all in all.

    I always think about having the steel cut oats at Panera (I do love steel cut oats!) ... we'll be having breakfast there while we're in Hilton Head in a couple of months, and I'm going to try their steel cut oats.

  4. I KNEW you could do the grooming... and you'll get better at it!!!! And your fur babies will be much happier!!!!

  5. Your puppy looks adorable and so happy too! Sweet picture of Ricky with the other dog in the window. What would we do without our furbabies? I love mine so much.


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