Monday, July 01, 2013

Weekend Wrapup

This was just a gosh darn good weekend... I'll take those every time


* Headed over to friends to play Corn Hole (Yes, I was on my game tonight) - chat, laugh, & eat amazing food.  I had a cup cake that had an Oreo cookie at the bottom, with a layer of peanut butter & then awesome icing on top... BEST.CUPCAKE.EVER!  I would have taken a picture, except I was too busy thinking of the delishishness of it & not about the memory sake of it.  I was like the guy from Austin Powers... GET IN MY BELLY!

Take note Corn Hole Players of that awesome form Ricky & Jordan are sporting

* A young lady was visiting from Chicago - she said they play the same game, but its called "Bags" up there.... I didn't realize there were different names for it.  Guess its sort of like the whole, "pop" "Cola" "Coke" debate... By the way, its always Coke


* I thought I had slept in when I woke up & the room was full of sunshine... it was 7:00am ... guess that still sleeping in compared to 5:30am

* Went for my morning run before it got hot... I underestimated that ... it was already hot...

* I was like a Neon throw back to the 80's on my run today... Yes - I wore all these colors at once...

I said on Instagram that all I needed was blue eye shadow to go along with it

* SAW A SNAKE!!! It was like 6 feet long too!.... OK.. maybe 6 inches.... no, try 12 inches. It was just a snake - enough to freak me out.  But it was in the middle of the road & a car was coming.  No matter how much I hate you, I don't want you to die... so I thought, "I'll save it"... I must have been watching too much "Turtleman"... I go to tap the ground behind it thinking it would slither on.  Ricky said, "Why did you do that?" ... I said because everyone has always told me "They're more afraid of you then you are of them"... I've always debated that but anyways, I remembered it was always told to me.  Do you know, that slithery booger coiled up & STRUCK MY SHOE!!!! I even put my finger out, shook my head & said, "No you didn't"... I ended up my walking in front of the snake so the car could go around it & it ended up going its own merry way into the grass.
For the record, Ricky told me never to believe anything anyone ever tells me - that snakes are aggressive & will attack.... I witnessed that... & next time I see a snake, I'll go back to my old ways of running FAST & screaming LOUD

* Working on wedding pictures... giddy at every picture I do.  I am constantly texting Chasity to "look at the ones I just uploaded"... so good to have a friend to share my secret pictures happiness with

* Headed to see "Man of Steel"... really enjoyed it.  YAHZZAAAA - that is one good looking Superman!  Ricky said, "HEY NOW" when I said that to him... but I told him even the girl in the movie said he was hot - I was just quoting a movie line :)
I will say, the fight scenes were a little TOO long for me... but Ricky loved that they were long.  You say tomato, I say TO-MAT-TO... just with that kind of emphasis

* I got even more excited about the poster in the entry way...WOLVERINE!!!!  Bring on my Hugh Jackman!  Ricky already knows that its doesn't have to be a movie line for me to say how hot my 2nd boyfriend is... (For the record, my first boyfriend will always be Steven Curtis Chapman... let's keep it straight)

* Time to get caught up on Real Housewives of Orange County... I watched that 100th episode special.  It got on my own nerves how Vicki kept saying it was her "baby"... I bet Andy Cohen was like "shut up - I own you"


* Selah Sunday - which meant we didn't have youth class today.  I ended up staying home to finalize the wedding album I was delivering in just a few hours.  Its always so hard to pick 300 pictures out of 530 to put in an album... decision, decisions...

* Met with my bride & groom & gave them their goodies... I love hearing "I love these" - "These are perfect"... "every picture is my favorite"... makes me sigh with happiness

* Met up with Ricky for lunch.  We tried the new Bob Evans... & to say I'm gagging now at the thought is an understatement.  First of all, there's not much on the menu for vegetarians.  I ended up just ordering a few sides to eat... & every bit of it was bland & disgusting.  How can you mess up mac & cheese?  Go to Bob Evans & find out.  It was horrible.

* Ricky went out to do some errands & I came home to work on pictures some more... it started storming & the rain just was a perfect setting to sit by the window & watch while working on pictures.  Bad side?  Storming makes Bruno want to sit in my lap, which makes it hard to work on the computer.  I have such needy animals.

* I had this dog also that kept nudging me to throw her Frisbee... think she loves it?

Yes, she'd even sleep with it so no one would take it... & by no one, that means Zoe who take all her toys

* Headed to a concert at GCC... I just love this girl, Jordan, ROCKIN' OUT!  I look at her & remember her as a baby in our middle school class... her talent is mind blowing, in so many ways.  When I see her perform, I swear,  I see a star in the making.

Ignore the horrible picture of me & look at the future Rock star... I want proof when she's famous that I knew her when :)

* Saw a few different people that went to Dominican Republic that were ALL sick... one couple went for a honeymoon, the other guy went for a mission trip.  I was freaked out to hug them all... but I did anyways.  While holding my breath & praying to God that I didn't get sick.  My germaphobe side lives on...
One of the guys got his sickness from some sort of infected mosquito... this is why I don't travel to foreign lands... & by foreign lands, I mean anything other then Indiana, Tennessee & Kentucky :)

* Ended the weekend working on more pictures until 11:30, watching the New Jersey Housewives... I'll say it again, Rosie needs to be on every show. She's the true peacemaker of the group.  Peace - or she'll break your nose. The Jersey way.

Hope its a great weekend... a short one for many with the Holiday!

(Can you believe its July?)


  1. We went and saw Man of Steel, too! Andy thought it was pretty good, I however, thought it was kinda lame. Though, Henry Cavill can rock the Superman suit, so that might be worth seeing any sequels that come out.

    And in MN folks around here call it "pop", but I've called it "soda" since living in KY and getting confused over the whole "coke" thing.

  2. You crack me up! Definitely "Coke", and what's up with a different name for "Corn Hole"???
    We say "Get in my belly" constantly around here!!!
    Yep, Rosie needs her own show. She's hilarious, but she does scare me a bit when she gets so mad. Maybe if she didn't drink she wouldn't get so angry?

  3. Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend!

    You forgot "soda" in the soft drink name dilemma. ;-) Coke is a brand name. ha!

    I'm not a vegetarian, but I am not a fan of Bob Evans.


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